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  • I know Soph i know, i went through watching "the boys" get promotions before me in my last place. easier to get a new job when you're in one though, not if you leave.
  • Sorry you're having a carp time Soph. That's not fair at all image
  • Hang in there Soph

    Caniggia - just remember you have to carry your hand luggage image

    Right that is me leaving work - have been here since 7.00 am.  I have to attend a dinner at the Scottish Parliament this evening.

  • Suits you sir, hope you have a nice evening DCB. image
  • Wi Woo catch you DCB, going to dress up image

    Hang in there Soph, will be a good night to run.........

    Got back from London in time to collect kids from school, relax now........................ image

    Hopefully run later when ex OH comes to collect some of his shopping which is being delivered.... 

    Hi everyone

  • Hi Smiffie, have fun DCB.
  • No running tonight Smiffie, listening to Rage Against the Machine instead... Then The Prodigy-Fire!!!  And now Blur............ Nothing like releasing a bit of rage followed by a sing song... image
  • New Prodigy one Thunder is a great angsty one Soph.image
  • 5 x 1/2 mile reps, wanted sub 7mm for one, fastest was 7:01 grrrrr next time image

    Don't think I was up for it after getting up early for train this morning image

    Good Music Soph, no making your own words up to!

    Hi KarenD image

  • Hiya folks,

    Ouch what the fook have I done to my neck.  It is really really sore.  I'd blame sleeping funny but it was a bit sore before bedtime last night.  Is it possible to pick up a neck injury running up hills.  I think I'd better run on the flat from now on just in case image And before you upset Ms Smiff again I didn't hurt my back and neck lifting my handluggage.

    SCharm the deal isn't that good to be honest.  If you stay down south you can get easyjet flights from Luton or Gatwick cheeper than 2:09 or book you own BA ones for less. I got a hotel discount through BA too.  I'm travelling further, have booked 2 more nights and got my race entry for the same cash they are asking for.  Unless you are going to somewhere like Noo Yoik Noo Yoik where you cant get a race place or the great wall where you fancy the extra excursions I'd book your own.  You can save a fortune.

    Hope you are calming down soph and not aggravating that gout with whisky again image

  • About 15C average in athens in November which is about perfect for running although with a 10am start I'll believe its that cool when I get past paula's paving slab.

    Whats all this about the boys getting promotions.  I'm still at sqare numero uno as they say in foreign parts.  I'm going to enroll on a course called arse licking for beginners at night school after the summer i think I must have bunked that lecture at John St Tech. image

  • I did the course in how to point out the blindingly obvious failures to management and rile them with continuous mails about how inadequate they are....  I also missed the lets be a creep and jump up and down shouting 'me sir, I know the answer' lecture. image  I also need to sign up with the sex change doc... PMSL... image
  • You bringing me a nice bottle of whisky then Can, it's only nice to have to drink cabinet filled in the hoose. image
  • Sorry no whisky soph but I've brought you some of these home for you when I was getting the berocca.  You need to take care of those tootsies!!!!!!!


  • Heh, I do like a xylophone. image
  • is that a 10 year malt xylophone???? image
  • LOL - you lot are making me laugh again! image

    Hope you've recovered from your bad day Soph?  karen's advice was good!  LIke the music choices for the evening!

    Look after that neck now Can - def avoid those "h" words for a while! image

    Physio's couldn't help last night.  They think it's something to do with my piriformis(?) muscle - piriformis syndrome I think.  They didn't give me any advice re management though - no stretches or strenghening stuff, or advice to rest or anything.  WAs a bit miffed, but will research it myself and see what to do.  Doesn't really explain the foot pain though.

  • Just a quickie folks been busy at work and in the lead up to picking up daughter from airport on Wed night! Yes she's home and so far all negotiations / talks are going well lol

    Can't remember, was it Dippy who asked how things were? Ta for that and all previous support, its baby steps for now (pardon the pun lol) So we'll see how things go!

    Will catch up with you all over the weekend image Missed my midweek run this week cos of all the stuff going on, so going for one when I finish today image

    Have a good Friday all x

  • Have a good run Bungee, I'm sneaking out for a run before work with best friend.......... lovely sunny morning here image
  • Hi All, it appears to be summer here, sandals out - beware work here come the toe nails!!

    Can - thanks for the tips - OH not keen on Athens, however, he has found out about the San Fran and Big Sur Marathons and seems to be keen for me to do those!!!  (we have friends in San Fran!).

    Soph, hope you have a better day at work.  I'm one of the lucky ones I work in a team of women, with just one bloke, and believe it or not non of them are bitchy or catty or anything - I think its because we work in rural stuff and its all quite nice and fluffy like sheep!!!!

  • Morning guys,

    Oh, I just feel sick in here today.  I want to cry all the time....  I had a meeting with the colleague who is now (just found out this morning) responsible for assigning all the work to me.  What the hell is my boss doing for his wage???  He says to me, oh have you done this type of programming before, because I don't think you know how to use these new tables.  I just said yes, but was thinking of course I've bloomin programmed this stuff before, I just haven't been allowed to do any work like that here up to now, because of the f**kwit boss who is a chauvinist a$$.  

    I got a phonecall from a recruitment agency asking if I was looking not long after the meeting, I told him I don't care if they get me something in a chippy!  Ma heid is bustin!!

    Is it weekend yet?  I cannae stop thinking about the bridge blowing resignation letter I want to put in to this place telling them a few home truths.

  • ((((hug)))) Soph, can I have free chips?

    Just over 5 miles in sun along canal this morning, good girlie gossip run image

    Reps tomorrow and 'bingo' will have manged just over 20 this week, happy days......

    Better work now as have Docs appointment later to have a mole taken off, well it leaves untidy molehills everywhere image

  • hiya all image

    och soph .....what a shame you have been made to feel like this ....hugest hugs !!...i really hope the agency come up with something  for u.

    smiffie hope all goes well with your mole removal....if its not these molehills its sea urchins ......image

    i did half an hour on the cross trainer this morning and will run tonight ......max and i go for our long walk to the library on fridays so will get  5 miles walking in today aswell image

    meeting friends in edinburgh tommorow for lunch ...tapas and sangria in george street .....yum !

    take care all xxxx

  • afternoon all, got bored at 9 last night, and headed out the door leaving a confused wife on the phone to her sister, cracking 4miler in grand weather.......

    Should be heading out soon, but so many jobs to do!!!

  • Its official I'm a wimp, but a wimp with 3 stiches image
  • Soph, sorry to hear your work sucks - really badly by the sounds of it. Bloke sounds a total sexist erseimage. Hope you can get something else lined up and tell him where to stick it. image
  • I take it that's not stitches caused by breathing probs Smiffie, what did you do?
  • Nah had mole cut out and was real baby, now sporting 3 stiches........  didn't hurt, but its the thought of what they are doing image
  • Hi all, nice wallpaper Can, I take back any comments made previously about your taste - the new place looks ok!

    Just got back from hospital this afternoon, tired and a bit sore but well on the road to recovery.

    Haven't read back but I'm sure you're all in fine fettle and chatting away, so can I join in please now?


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