cheap kayanos

Where can I get them?

I foolishly purchased the wrong size a couple of months back, I take a size 8 and thought my old pair were an 8 but after running in my new pair for a few weeks and finding them a bit snug, looked at my old pair and they were an 8.5, I've done about 200miles in my new pair now but they are just too small, having paid £75 for them (15's aswell, bargain!) as they were on offer at the time, I am scouring the net and just can't find an 8.5 at a reasonable price at all. I severely roll in on my right leg (video gait analysis, how scary is that?) and kayanos seem to be the only shoes that limit this substantially but if anyone can offer an alternative (cheaper!) shoe I am more than happy to try them!

I don't care which model they are just desperately need some new ones, help!

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