Painless lump under ankle

Just wondered whether anybody could shed light on an odd lump I have just under my ankle.  It's not painful, but I know it's there.  It's quite hard - like an extra ankle! I haven't twisted on it, although I did complete the London Marathon for the first time this year. I noticed the lump around 3 weeks after the run.  Could it just be the muscle showing strain???

I have to wait another fortnight to see my GP, and I am still running on it (not much - but 30 - 40 minutes per run).

Any ideas???

Ta x


  • ....I have no idea....I was just curious about someone who had rather similar name to mine!

    Hope you get it sorted!

  • Just been to see the doc.....seems to be quite harmless.  He thinks I've done something to the ligament, and I have excess tissue in the area.  Should clear up on it's own - said they  ecomend that you continue training to help ligaments nowerdays!  So no excuses to lounge around in front of the tennis for me!

  • It's now September..and lump still here!  Going to see a physio to see if it can be sorted.  Doing the Cardiff half marathon in October and just need a bit of reassurance that I'm not making more damage to my ankle!



  • I think I may have the same thing, I noticed it a couple of weeks ago - it feels quite hard, isn't painful and is below my right ankle (on inside of foot) - there is nothing similar on my left foot.  As you say it's a bit like an extra ankle.  I was running regularly for the last 3 years but have more or less stopped now due to an achilles injury on my left leg and general back pain.  If you find out what it is - let me know !!
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