Blenheim Tri

Marshalling yesterday-was disappointed at the absence of any pirates...where they be to then mind?

On a slightly different note it was interesting to be marshalling and to get a different perspective on a large tri event-was very cold and wet but most competitors were in good spirits and were polite in response to our smiles and bad jokes about having to 'confiscate' their px,cervelo,felt bikes image

 Off for a rainy but sociable slow 10 miler with t'club...


  • Suspect most peeps in or nearing the black and yella wouldn't be doing a super sprint in early June, they'd be lining for Oly or half IM's in preparation for IMCH.

    Great intro race through, sherpa'd for a mate doing his first tri there a couple of years ago.
  • Yes i thought as much-it would have been nice to see some black and yellow though...better weather at Blenheim today for everyone...had a lovely 10 miles through the woods and along a for some well earned sofa time cheering the Fed on to hopefully his 1st French Open...
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