My Bob Glover running bible says that setting goals is not enough on its own, you have to declare them to others. So, here are my goals. What goals have you lot got?

1/ 1/2m under 1.50 in the next 6 months. long-term dream - under 1.45

2/ 10k under 50min in next 3 months. long-term dream - 40min

3/ Spring Marathon - 4.15 in 2003, under 4 in 2004

My Running Mission Statement (RMS) is "To train as effectively and intensively as possible, without letting running dominate life or annoying wife and kids."



  • I run more for exercise and pleasure than to race but have a 1/2m this weekend and my goal is no more than 2 hrs and then do NY marathon in 4:30 which is what I'd hoped to do FLM in but took 4:54. Publicly declared!!
  • yes, it's not all about times. I suppose my main goal for the next 6 weeks is to try and keep some sort of running going alongside the arrival of a new baby!

  • Now you've started something.

    i)1/2 Marathon in 1.20 (take 6 mins off current PB)

    ii) 10k in 35 mins (4 mins off)

    iii) Marathon in under 3.15 (28 mins off my only one so far)

    And also to enjoy running, and keep cycling and swimming, without becoming too obsessive about it.

  • Oh no. Everyone is quicker than me. Tim, how dare you have a 1/2m PB of 1.31!!

    Anyway, focus, focus - my goals are my goals, your goals are yours. It does not make me a lesser person....etc....

  • ok my aims:

    1) to be able to do the 10mile run in portsmouth at end of november without dying and preferably at a steady 10min/mile pace

    2) to keep running and do the london marathon in 2004.

    3) to find a running partner/club!

  • Interesting times, Cougie. If/when you can do a 35min 10K, I'd have thought a sub-3:00 marathon is well within grasp given appropriate distance training and of course a strict race plan.

    Fwiw my aims are:-
    1) 1/2marathon near 1:20 (current = 1:30)
    2) 10k near 37 (no direct equiv)
    3) FLM under 3:00 (current = 3:14:51)

    Neil - you've proved yourself with a Baby! I'm just probably trying to compensate with running until that day comes.
  • Yes, Tim, you're right. This is supposed to be a "sharing" thread. Must keep my rage at other people's PBs under control.

    Well done Susannah.
  • Neil,

    Just to make you feel better, my targets are as follows:

    10K in sub 50 mins. One day sub 45 or even sub 40 with the right training. (Don't have a PB for this)

    1/2M Sub 1.50. Longer term or if lucky sub 1.45 (PB 1.51).

    Marathon Sub 4 hrs. (Only race to date 4.29)

    So that's around the same pace / goals as you.

    All the best,

  • I'm just starting running and am hugely impressed with all your times!

    My goals are much more basic, here goes:-

    1. to be able to run for 30 mins non-stop by December

    2. to be able to run 10k by next spring/summer

    3. to run the Windsor half next autumn

    I am hoping that a year's training will be enough to take me from zero to half marathon, have been told this is pretty realistic. If not please let me know and I will re-adjust my goals a bit!

    Cheers and good luck with all your goals


  • Ratbag, if we ever race together, we'll have to hold hands at the finish. Or maybe I should shove you in the bushes when nobody's looking?
  • This is making me realise how far I have got to go

    My goals are:

    1. Complete GNR next month hopefully under 2:20

    2. Entry accepted for Flora 2003

    3. Complete Flora 2003 hopefully under 5 hrs

    4. Lose 1/2 stone

    5. To get better & faster
  • Short term:
    10k under 60 mins (PB 61:25)
    1/2m under 2:15 (PB 2:22)
    Marathon under 5:00 (PB - too embarrassing)

    Longer Term:
    10k under 50mins
    1/2m under 2hrs
    Marathon under 4:30

    Only in my dreams:
    10k in 35mins
    Half in 1:30
    Marathon in 3:30
    Ironman Triathlon remaining conscious/sane.

    I know the short term ones might not seem very ambitious, but the 10k and half PBs are both less than 2 weeks old. Consistent training is the key, and my mission is to train consistently for a full year to see what effect this will have on my times.

    Oh, and try to fit one housework session in per week too ;-)
  • This is addictive:
    1) 40 min 10 km (by 22 Sep) - currently 44 mins
    2) 1hour 30 half marathon - currently 1:46
    3) Would love to do the Edinburgh marathon in 3 hours 30
    4) manage to get out of bed tomorrow for a reatively easy 6 miles,
    5) get a speed/distance thingy for my birthday next month without actually having to leave too many notes around the house for 'him' to get the hint
  • Tim - well said. That's one of the joys of running.
  • I can't believe I'm even talking about goals as a couple of years ago I couldn't even run to the end of my street - and I live pretty near to the end!! now I set myself goals to keep improving as it's such a boost to better your performance - you should only ever compare yourself to yourself!!
  • I have never run a proper race/run yet & all my training run distances are estimated so I can't really give you a truthful PB (thats my story & I am sticking to it anyway)
  • My goals:
    1. Sub-30 5k (Ultimate dream of 24 mins)
    2. Achieve a regular 9 min mile
    3. Enjoy the 2003 Bath Marathon, and do my best.(Ultimate dream to do London, Disneyland or New York Marathon via the Great North Run!)
    4. Keep running over the winter months (Ultimate dream to do the Grizzly)
  • Sorry...Bath Half Marathon!
  • OK, so I thought I was doing OK. Do real people really run at 7 min miles!!! Some of you may have seen my thread regarding the Bristol Half Marathon - if all goes well - here are my goals:

    1. To one day run a half marathon in 1.45 or better.

    2. To one day run a 10k in 45 mins or better.

    3. To keep running and enjoy it.
  • I can only think of one goal, which is...

    to keep running 3 times a week throughout the coming winter months!

    Basically, I'm just trying to hang on tightly to my thesis - but perhaps I need a race to look forward to also? Any suggestions? I've so far done a 5 miler in 42.57, and a 4 mile 47 yarder in 33 minutes.
  • My goals ...

    5k sub 20 mins .. present 25 mins
    10k sub 50 mins .. present 54 mins
    1/2 marathon sub 2hrs.. present 2:15
    still delighted & happy with that ..
    marathon ... to finish .. but sub 5hrs would be good

    oh and beat brother-in-law ... now that would be good :-)
  • Goals: half marathon in 1.30 pb now 1.36
    survive the Dublin marathon, my first 26.2
    don,t have a 10k pb yet, maybe I should try for one soon.
    Also to find out how the design of the "Undie Ironing Buddy" is coming along.
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