IMNZ 2010

Entry's been paid, the flights booked, anyone else want to come along?

After reading various reports on this and previous year's editions and always wanting to visit New Zealand, me and TL have decided to go next year.




  • We will be there, husband doing it, me supporting. Combining it with a trip round in a camper for 3 weeks with friends. I'm planning on doing a couple of races there as past of my 7in7 coastal challenge need to find a March one out there. Very excited!!! What sort of deal did you get with flights? How long you going for?
  • Not yet mate, maybe when we're living back in Oz one day and it's a bit more local. Heard nothing but good reports about it though (apart from obviously being full of Kiwis image)
  • Hi Kim

    We're going for 3 weeks also, getting there the Sat before spending first 1 week in a hotel near the event, then some sightseeing.

    We used Trailfinders to sort the hotel and flights, we're flying Emirates tho.

    Please use this thread to let us know how your husbands training is going, where are you based?

    SP is not  around at the mo as his on his way up north on business, but I'm sure he'll post once he gets access to the internet.

     Hiya Kanga see you and Mrs Kanga in IMCH.

  • i am doing the western australian IM in dec. and i am planning on doing IMDE and IMNZ in 2010.

    first things first, i need to make my first IM happen, but i will be at IMNZ in 2010.

  • I'm dead jealous.

    I'm sure I'll go back to do IMNZ again one day but don't think it'll be next year.

  • Good luck peeps - my im slush fund wont stretch quite that far !
  • Wow, you going to be at IMCH too? He's doing that aswell. Perhaps see you there. I shall be running around like a mad fool trying to see him. Are you joining in Tiredlegs or spectating? We are in Dorking near Guildford. He has a blog
  • Kim - think there's close to 60 Pirates doing IMCH, and probably an equal number of family and supporters, so you won't be able to miss us. If we were a country we'd have the largest contingent outside the host country !
  • Kim defo a spectator - SP is doing the Oly on Sat, why not try hooking up with us? we're getting there on the Thursday.
  • I don't really understand about the pirates, what does it mean? I've seen them at a few half-IM's.

    Sounds good to all meet up at some point. We will be camping nearby the swim start from the thurs onwards
  • KIm , I am in South Holmwood and am racing IMCH , also did the Beaver , there are others around in this neck of the woods
  • My husband did the beaver too, we're in North Holmwood. Small world. Any slow people around that want to join me for some runs?? Was part of DMVAC but things changed there. Sorry completely hijacked the thread from IMNZ to IMCH to going for a run.
  • Me! Me! I'm doing IMNZ 2010 <huge grin>

    First IM for me so I am terrified, obviously. I've not booked flights or accomodation yet, I need to work out how long I am going to go for. My Kiwi auntie is already panicking that I won't be able to get somewhere - she says the whole of Taupo is already booked out! Is she exaggerating? 

    I was thinking of going the camper van route anyway, did that last time I was in NZ & had a ball. 

    Hope there are a few of us doing this, I am afraid that training over the winter is going to be a real slog & I could do with as much support as I can get. 

  • SP - if you get the US Triathlete mag this month - its the swimsuit edition - they have a feature on IMNZ - oldest IM outside of Kona apparently !
  • Hi PUP

    Yep we heard that Taupo gets totally booked up for the week leading up to IM, we've only got the hotel booked for that week, not sure what we're going to do for the next 2 weeks we're out there.

    Looks like there is 4 doing this so far.

    Kim did you really go out running at 22.29?  for info on the Pirates google 'Pirate ship of fools'  (can't do links) tells you it from the beginning.

  • cougie you going to do IMNZ in 2010?
  • Worry not PUP.  IMNZ was my first last year and it's a really nice course for a first timer - not that I have anything to compare it with mind! 

    Don't know what you've done distance wise before but my top tip would be to do buid up your bike miles - up to 100 if you can - during the summer/autumn to give yourself a good base.  I didn't and found it really difficult to motivate myself to get out and do long rides in the cold/wet/snow.  My longest ever was 70 miles and as a result I suffered on the final leg of the bike.  If (when) I go back to do it again I'll be doing much more cycling during the summer.

    Taupo is pretty much overtaken by IM during race week so the earlier you book your accommodation the more choice you'll get.

  • Thanks troglodytes! Since I entered I have read back over the 2009 thread - awesome result for you! I was also watching online for ages as everyone came in and when I couldn't stop blubbing I realised that I just had to enter. 

    I am eyeing up a couple of late summer/autumn sportives as I think you're totally right about getting over the "ton" barrier before winter kicks in! I'm going to do a couple of middle distance tris this year - A Day in The Lakes later this month and probably Aberfeldy in August then switch to some heavy bike training as I just feel that that will be the most difficult to sustain over the winter.  I'm not bothered about running in snow and wind, but I am a big wendy when it comes to getting on the bike in the rain.

    What are other people's plans to cope with the fact that the majority of your training for this is going to be in entirely the wrong season?? Please don't tell me that what my coach said is true - she said she found herself doing 6 hour sessions on the turbo trainer image I don't think I could stand the boredom...

  • If you can cope with the mental agony of 6hrs on the turbo, completing the IM will be a doddleimage
  • Hiya chaps, been away on business so out of it for a while and just catching up. TL said there were some developments here, good to see I won't be a lone pirate without any ship mates!

     Yeah - the thought of long bike rides during the winter doesn't fill me with glee, 6 hour sessions on the turbo trainer, less so.

    I learnt  to swim for IMCH in 2005 - th first pirate IM outting - and gave myself only 6 months. I'm already ahead of the game as I'm regulalrly swimming 2K in the pool at the moment, although I still have "head" issues in the water - especially open water. I don't have the proper time to train for IM, only averaging about 7 - 8 hours a week. I think 10 is the accepted minimum, but I finished IMCH within the cut-off on the same amount of training and plan on going on better this time. It all hangs on how I feel getting out of the water!!

  • Swim in Taupo is great.  Water is crystal clear - probably cleaner and clearer than some swimming pools image
  • Not sure if that helps or not...

     At least i won't get thirsty!

  • NZ has a 17hr cut off so you'll be well inside, even if training doesn't go exactly according to plan image
  • ohhh I am so jealous, we had a great time spectating this year. think we will still be paying off the holiday and dont think we could stretch to go out again.

    the only thing that would put me off is the winter training

  • Hey hiya Jellhybabe long time no see...   Anything planned for next year??
  • hiya

    nowt big planned. Dave seems to be permently injured which makes things awkward, hope to do some sprints and oli's this year and next. would love to do one more IM but really dont know if I could be as motivated. but never say never, hope to catch up with you both sometime

    and well done at your MdS attempt, not something that ever appeals to me. the quicksand 15 was a challenge enough

  • Thanks for the gen Trogs, a 17 hour cut off means I'll have time for a brew-up in T2!

    Hiya Jellybabe - yeah, I'm not thinking about the winter miles yet - or 6 hour turbo sessions if it comes to it!

  • <dreams of crystal clear water> image

  • Been away for a while and was trawling through the forum when I found this.

    I won't be racing this year (will be spending quality summer time with my husband instead of all weekend training) but I will most likely be down to support as I've just moved to Rotorua (an hour up the road).

    My racing calendar involves the Rotorua half ironman as my A race.

    If anyone wants any info about taupo, NZ in general or tri specific fire away. I recommend Debretts as a place to stay. We booked an ensuite cabin (kitchenm tv, couch, double bed, bunks and bathroom) from the weds to the mon for $95 a night.

  • I hate The planes thing, but if I would go anywhere long distance , I think i would be NZ.

    Might be a bit of a swim though!

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