Running after blood clots in lungs.

Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with blood clots in both lungs.  Luckily I am still around to post this and will be on warfarin for life.  No DVT or recent operation just 'clotty blood'.

 Anyone out there with any experience of getting running again after such a problem?  I am a slow runner and always take it easy but will start again tentatively and listen to my body.  Docs say no reason not to run again.

 Any thoughts etc very welcome.

Cheers all.


  • Awwwwww Curry.... can't offer you any help or advice just a big hug (((Curry))) xx
  • Well thank you LWJ !  Goes to show how supportive (most) runners are towards each other.

    Had a blood clot in lung 12 years ago and was on warfarin for 6 months and have done marathons since then so feel positive about GNR and GSR later this year!

  • You're welcome Curry.  Just sorry that i'm not very good on health issues.  Have you tried other forums on the subject?    I'm a slow runner too.  I listen to my body all the time.  It tells me that when i run fast i don't get so much pleasure out of it.   I'm glad you have such a positive attitude to the GNR and GSR.   Keep smiling.... x

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    You're on Warfarin? That's odd, because I've been putting rat poison in my boss's tea for years ....
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Sorry CM, that wasn't a very helpful post!

    FYI, a mate of mine had something similar happen and was on Warfarin for a while afterwards. He's in the army and has since been on active service in war zones, so there is life after pulmonary embolisms. Good luck!

  • Muttley wrote (see)
    You're on Warfarin? That's odd, because I've been putting rat poison in my boss's tea for years ....
    I'm forwarding this onto your boss Mutts...............
  • As I'm full of warfarin/rat poison I'm considering hiring myself out as rodent control.  One bite of me and the rat is a  goner!

    LWJ I've looked at other blood clot threads but they are quite old and seem dormant.

    Mutley I could come and bite your boss for you if you like!

  • Can I offer you a home under my new decking? The rodents are not there yet, but come winter, I have every confidence that the Borrowers will have moved in....image

    Had a clot last September. Ran Stratford Marathon in April. Very bad idea to run while taking blood thinning drugs, apparently (consultant went mad when he found out I was running on Heparin) but if you're taking warfarin for life, I don't know what the answer would be. There are medics around these parts who may be able to help you.

    I hope all goes well.

  • Thanks Liverbird, From info I have gathered so far it seems warfarin does not interfere with oxygen supplies.  Medics at the hospital have said it's ok to run.  I think maybe heparin is stronger tho I could be wrong.

     How did you feel training for and running the marathon?

  • It was fine. The only slight scare I had was a couple of weeks ago (because I've just had surgery) and I had a crushing pain in my upper chest. I didn't mess about and they scanned immediately but there was no clot.

    I think it just makes me more aware......

    Heparin is certainly more expensive - I'm no doctor, so I don't really know why they give one over the other. I know you get heparin if you're pregnant though, so warfarin must be bad for babies.

    But I'm not going there again unless I get a visit from the Angel Gabriel! image

  • Glad that was just a scare! 

    I think Heparin is given by injection and takes effect quickly, I was given Heparin injections in hospital for a few days until the Warfarin took effect.

    Exercise is recommended and I've made an appointment with my GP to get her opinion as to how much and how soon.

     Meanwhile its pouring outside so wont be out running today!!

  • Heparin is injected into your tummy and it bloody hurts! It leaves little bruises too....image 

    The worst thing about tipping up at the hospital every day is having to pay two quid for about 10 seconds! Must be the most expensive car parking in Britain.....image

  • Yes I had it in my tummy too!  And the bruises which reduce the space available for the next injection!  Some nurses also seem to take delight in using the syringe like a dart!- Ouch!

    Can you not claim the parking back as a frequent outpatient?

  •  I had a DVT 7 years ago with a pulmony embolism (painful). Usual treatment - a week on heparin followed by warfarin - in my case for 6 months. Got back to running marathons without too much trouble but had another DVT in April, so I'm now on warfarin for life. Again I'm getting back to running without any real problems apart from the lost training (I'm 63 so recovery takes longer these days). However, I may have been lucky. My research on the net and talking to other victims sugests that there is very little useful advice to be had thet improves on your own "start again tentatively and listen to my body".

    The problem appears to be that individuals respond very differently to clots and any damage done is difficult for doctors to assess. There are no established, scientifically-based guidelines. In fact I've been quite depressed by the limited knowledge about DVT and it's consequences generally available.The use of warfarin itself is relatively new and not well researched although it is generally agreed that it does work. (One aspect of the problem is that warfarin/heparin do not themselves disolve existing clots - they prevent further clotting, leaving the body to deal with existing clots which either dissolve or become attached and safely bypassed.)

    For athletes the following links may be interesting:  and

    Finally, I am personnally convinced about the need for athletes to use compression socks to help prevent future complications. I have been prescribed class 2 calf length stockings which I wear most of the time. I run in class 1 compression socks (several brands on the market, c. £10) - look at Paula Ratcliffe or Mark Cavendish.

    Hope all goes well for you.

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