Wednesday 10th of June 2009

#Nobody else, no, you're not rid of me

Fantastic if not slightly mad relaying from scobos...

sharkie - I've met more than a few people who seem to be able to pick up most sports and be almost instanty good at them. It's sickening image 
Range in running, I think most people limit themselves needlessly and never even try a flat out sprint or a middle distance race. They'd be surprised how much they can push themselves in a competitive sprint. Let's face it, by the time it's really hurting it's finished too so you may as well throw the whole kitchen at it (mava excused)

What: 5 miles easy
Why: comeback trail
Last hard: first 2 miles today (right foot and left ankle moany)
Last rest:: yesterday


  • mavamava ✭✭✭

    morning all.

    Wow Scobos, that wasmad! Well done.

    no idea at all on the lyrics

    What: 4.1 miles a bit harder than of  late
    Why: I'm about to spend 2 days in a hotel at a conference sitting on my backside
    Last hard:  bits of that
    Last rest: 16 Feb

    Treadmill run for me tomorrow - hotel is at Gatwick so don't  much fancy running round the airport!

    Have a good day.

  • Morning

    TmR - thanks for that - some spikes and a more concentrated race might take me closer to those times.  Not sure if I'll be doing another yet though, but definitely good fun and as Imski says over so quickly you don't have time to feel pain.

    Jason W - very good session there.  Are you training for a particular race?

    Scobos - well done on all that running and on your 10k.

    My club session last time was 500m/300m/200m for 5k.  The first 2 I found hard and was thinking of not doing any more, but then seemed to warm up and felt stronger so finished the lot and pleased I did so.  7 miles altogether.

    what - am rest / pm 10 miles
    why - training for shorter races for about 6 weeks this summer then into marathon training

  • Morning

    Scobos: that was some weekend.

    Mava: There is actually some quite good offroad running around Gatwick particularly if your at the North Terminal, It starts close to the Shell garage and is sign posted as the Surrey Way (or the Surrey something or other!) Anyway it goes down by a stream and if you can block out the noise of the planes its very pleasant.

    What: maybe 5 miles in a moment
    Why: hangover
    Last Hard: Monday
    Last Rest: Saturday

    Off on my Holidays in two days!

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    Jason - That's a quick 3K!

    What:  5K race
    Why:  No.3 in the series
    Last hard:  3 days
    Last rest:  2 days
    Lyrics:  No

    So far in the series I've done Apr 21:23 and May 20:30.  Recovery from my time off with achilles continues OK, so I'm looking for further improvement this evening (although the weather may not be ideal).  Race plan is to run close to 4min Ks and hang on!

  • 40 mins - thanks!

     TmR - thanks for the link.  Seems I'm about 70% for most except for the marathon which is slightly lower

    Scobos - that's one impressive weekend, relay sounds both insane and fun!

    Jason W - nice 3k (and even nicer still having some left to do a session after!)

    • What:  Exam in 40 mins, followed by 7-13 miles depending how I feel, followed by a long-awaited session in the pubimage
    • Why:  Haven't done a longish run or session in a while
    • Last Hard: 15/5/09
    • Last Rest:  Sunday
    • Lyrics:  Nope
    Hope today's a good one for all!
  • Morning all

    What:  5M d&d am / 7.5M pm
    Why:  It seemed like a good idea
    Last hard:  Awhile ago , and none planned. 
    Last rest:  Yesterday
    Lyrics:  No

    Good Luck for the 20 , 40 image

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Morning all

    What: cycling and swimming
    Why: Racing on Sunday so getting the miles in
    Last hard: somne tough climbs this morning
    Last rest: 13th March 2009

    Scobos - NICE
    Jason - good running

    Good luck later 40

    My leg is definately getting better - maybe :¬0
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Morning folks.

    Back from Cuba yesterday. Still a bit goggle-eyed from lack of sleep, but getting there! Fantastic holiday. Temp in the mid 30s throughout (though humidity in the mid to high 80s wasn't great from an asthma point of view). The people there were great. So genuine and warm. Jr was a hit with all of them, especially the women (and of course he loved the attention! image ) Shocking the level of poverty throughout the country though. Will definitely go back....... maybe for the Havana Marathon one November image

    What have I missed?

    JH - how are the niggles? Done any more maras since?

    Got back from Cuba to find out I've been given an elite place for Dublin in October - maras still rock then image

    I also viewed the finish line footage from Edinburgh, and, as I thought at the time I crossed the line with 2:29:58 showing on the clock - it turns out that the finish line clock was not synced with the chip mats, which was particularly annoying as I was watching that and not my watch on the run-in. Oh well, it's just an extra few seconds to take off at Dublin I guess!

    What: 6m rec jog am d&d / 6m rec jog pm.
    Why: easy week to start with before cracking into 19 weeks of good, uninterrupted training for Dublin!
    Last hard: Edinburgh.
    Last rest: first 8 days of the month.
    Lyrics: No.

    Had my first run since Edinburgh yesterday - a 6m sleep deprived rec jog. All systems a ok. Then, and this morning though I could feel the impact, but that was it. After any kind of extended break it always takes me a little while for the legs to get used to the impact of running again.

    Have a great day all.

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Tipp Top - Welcome home. Well done on getting an elite spot for Dublin. Thats great

    Scobos - Well done over the weekend that was great

    What: 5 miles d&d/sports massage pm
    Why: Taper
    Last Hard: Saturday
    Lyrics - Nope
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Cheers Pammie.

    40mins - good luck for this evening.

    Bloody hell Scobos. That was some weekend of running. Nice 10k too!

    jw - nice 3k and nice training. What does your usual training week consist of?

    sharkie - nice pb. That 80% is getting closer.

    hilly - nice doubling up on the 100m/3k over the weekend.

    mava - fantastic that you've finally got your kitchen back! image

    RFJ - I was curious how a HM would work out around Dorney as it can be quite wind affected. Must go look up the results. Sorry it didn't go to plan for you.

    Read back as far as Sunday now, so will try do some more later.

    Oh, and pics from Edinburgh for those interested (and video footage at the bottom just before 10km and at the finish), and double oh, forgot to mention, the health insurance side of my job have agreed to sponsor me as well image - initially they are paying my gym membership for a year (includes track usage image ), and incentives if I hit my target at Dublin image

  • A'noon peeps.

    What: Easy 4 miles this morning.

    Why: To recover from yesterdays Fartlek.

    Scobos: Sounds like a great weekend and well done on the 10k time.

    40mins; Have a good race tonight.

    Tipp Top: Good news for Dublin eh.

    Have a  good one peeps

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    TT - welcome back and Well done with Dublin!
    Talking of which do you (or anyone) know the cost of a regular letter from the UK to Dublin? Would save me a trip to the post office!  (Thnks!!)
    Scobos, nice one. That relay sound like fun!
    DD - enjoy your holiday in case I forget to say it in a couple of days time!
    Jason - hope the exam went well!
    40 -good luck with sub 20!

    Yesterday - 200s at the club with minimum of 3 mins jog recovs. Splits (appx) of 37,36,35,37,36,34,37,36  All on a slightly uphill grass track, and garmin measured (not by me but by coach's sidekick)
    Felt decidedly 'pukey' after reps 5, 6 and 7 but stuck with it. I'd have like them to have been a bit more consistent but hey-ho , you can't have it all.
    Today 1.5 mile run in from Waterloo. Strangely the southbank was more densely populated with the tube strike (don't get me started on Bob Crow). And just got back from a further 4 miles out and back to westminster. Legs mashed (to say the least). So it will be feet up watching Andorra tonight!

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Thanks for all the good wishes.

    Thanks for the optimistic forecast, but that will be on the cards for August probably, with September being the "near death" experience.  Will have to start up speedwork before the next one as further improvements will demand more than just building up the miles which is all that has happened so far.

    TT - Welcome home!

  • TT - No more maras yet just two very slow 10K's , next ones is South Downs on Saturday.

    Decision has been made to go Ultra image

  • Afternoon folks.

    TT - good to have you back. Sounds like you've got a fine employer.

    After yesterday's easy lunchtime run, did a brilliant bike ride last night with some clubmates. Perfect night for a ride...did 42 miles, some of them pretty undulating, averaging about 17.5mph. Great fun riding in a group again...first time for years and it doesn't half make things easier!

    For today...

    What: lunchtime - 5 easy miles (38mins) d&d, pm - club session (3 sets of 5 x 400 with 60sec recoveries in the first set, 50secs in the second and 40secs in the third. 3mins between sets)
    Why: lunchtime - loosener, pm - speed/sharpener for weekend HM

    Have a great day.
  • Afternoon all,

    Scobos:  Well done on the 10k and the relay.

    JW:  Impressive 3k, even without all the other stuff!

    TT:  Welcome back!  And congrats on the sponsorship and elite spot.  The tax on my healh insurance has just gone up, so they're obviously clawing their sponsorship back image

    • What:  19m mid-week long run
    • Why:  It's mid-week
    • Last Hard:  1/1
    • Last Rest:  15/5

    Have a good one!

  • An Easy 7-8 Later.

    Havin an easy week this week. Three good weeks before and the body needs a rest.

    Lyrics nope.

    DD - have just come out of a meeting and the Abu Dhabi move deffo off for the foreseeable - it became very close to reality though. Mind you having seen the weather out there, its a good thing for my Dublin Marathon Prospects. Thanks again for the details.

    TT - great to see your back and rested. Well done on the Dublin Elite entry - A National Medal must be on the cards!! - no barging for you at the start. Sponsorship too - well done again. Let the hard work begin!!!!. The Hurling force of the East overcame the first hurdle on Sunday. We wont talk about the footballers though.

    Keep on runnin!! 

    Edit - TT That women in the white hard on your heels cheated - She jumped in at half way!!

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    TT - winer was 66:XX and 1st lady 74:XX

    What - Nothing
    Why - Hit a brick wall mentally and physically so having a bit of time out and rest
    Last hard - Forcing myself to rest
    Last rest yesterday and today

    Take care

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Cheers for the comments folks. I certainly have been very lucky with the job end of things. My manager(s) have been very supportive of my running and I definitely got lucky with the sponsorship side of things. Obviously I should have gone for the shameless plug earlier - the health insurance side of things is provided by PruHealth (who incidentally provide some good packages with good incentives).

    Cheers for that RFJ. You've had a massive few months so not surprised you've hit a wall. I had the same happen to me last year. It passes.

    JH - must feel good to make the decision. So have you picked a main target one yet then? Ridgeway?

    lol AF.

    Paddy - took me a minute to click with that until I watched the 10km footage. Very good image The intention is a National Medal, but I am aiming high and have just one colour in mind. Winning time last year was the quickest for 8 years (I think) at just under 2:21.

  • Sharkie - congrats on the 200m PB - 34.5 - great stuff.

    AF - good to see you back.

    Scobos - a huge weekend and sounds like you loved every minute of it.

    40 mins - hope the 5k went well.

    Jason 27 - also hope your exam went well.

    Tipp Top - sounds like you had an awsome holiday and you've come home to find yourself on the elite start at Dublin and sponsorships are rolling in - nice!!

    TMR - that Howard Grubb site is good - helps to make our current times actually look pretty good when you put them into the age-calculator;-)

    What: 6 miles - flat and easy with mates.

    Good running everyone.

  • Yep ,Ridgeway is the target but not getting hung up on it . I have a few lined up in between really just extra long runs with company.

    Intention is to double up most weekdays 5M in the morning at 8's and longer evening runs at 9's with club runs and mid-week 10K's faster to stop me stagnating (prob around 7's). If this works out it should give me tonne up weeks through June / July and the first part of August and if nothing else it'll give me a great base to build from.

  • DD, mava, I have a memory of doing something like that when stranded at Gatwick, or getting down there in the evening for an early plane - though I avoid using Gatwick if at all poss

    TT welcome back.  What time would you have to do to get, say, European champs selection ? (And, must mention, that I hold myself responsible for getting the guy who won Edinbrough to remember his Scottish ancestry, and claim it to be eligible for the Commonwealth Games - over breakfast in Florence the day after the mar there)

    NZC, yup, I like to think that my marathon time is worth a young guy's sub 2:40

    What: 8.4 ml easy felt very tired, stiff and sluggish after yeasterday, but then that was the first big session for ages
    Why: getting back into routine

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Evening all.

    Over-run of work meeting meant I never made the 5K race, but I did get to join our club run.  Special 25th anniversary run, where our various groups set off & then re-grouped from many different directions after 30 minutes at the pub where the original club run was held.  8 runners back then, 63 turned up today.  A few photos taken & a few words from our Chairman, then another 30 minutes of running back to the track.  So -

    What:  7-8 miles in an hour, with 5 min break after 30 mins
    Why:  See above
    Last hard:  3 days
    Last rest:  2 days

    Probably get out for an easy 5 tomorrow.

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