• What ever happened to the "robust" Australian sense of humour?
  • About time someone pointed out that the emperor has no clothes.  Just a shame it takes an Aussie to do it - where have our standards gone in this country?

    Thanks for drawing attention to it GD.

    Sass xx

  • KK - watch the videos on the link and I think you might go off him a bit!

    Sass xx

  • No publicity is bad publicity.. Gordon and his empire is a machine, Nothing is done without a reason..
  • I really admire him as a chef, he is an astonishing technician.  I don't really like the TV personality Gordon Ramsay.

    I think I will wait till Farnie Jnr has left before I watch the link :-/

  • Complete tit - but excellent chef
  • Saying that... I bet he'd be a very entertaining dinner guest

  • I don't fancy him. I think he's gross.

    I suppose that makes me........?imageimage

  • Me too, in that case, LB!

    I don't like his tv persona, and from what I've seen on those clips he's not very nice off camera, either.

    I think the Aussie media has gone a bit overboard, too, though.

  • Actually, many, many years ago my best friend's boyfriend tried it on with me.

    When I rejected him, he told my friend that I was a lesbian!

  • He's a good chef and a great motivator but he just thinks he's a lot funnier than he actually is.

    I love that episode of Have I Got News For You he hosted where Ian and Paul just ripped it out of him constantly. It was good to see him taking some stick for a change.

  • I like the way people think it's great and funny that he shout and swears at other people in thier  place of work, but wouldn't stand for it in their own.
  • I just don't like being personally insulted for no reason. I suspect I might end up calling him something I wouldn't say in front of my parents......

    Wilkie - I always find it amusing when people assume that they are so gorgeous you must be gay if you knock them back! image

  • Absolutely GD.

    Sass xx

  • Can't stand him. Personally I don't care how amazingly talented anyone is at *anything* - if they can't even be civil to other people, I can't muster up any respect for them.

  • me either.  1 think he's a complete tw@t
  • If he talked to me like he talks to .... well everybody actually,  then I would deck him and believe me I never hit people. He is a complete rectal orifice. Once ran alongside him at a Gade Valley Harriers training run in Hemel Hempstead. It starts off along the canal and you wouldn't believe how big the temptation was to give him a nudge.

     In the end I think the only reason I didn't was a desire not to pollute the water in the canal.

     There is a story that the millionth English word is about to be coined and Gordon F***ing Ramsey only knows one !! Well OK apparently he now knows the word lesbian as well but he probably doesn't actually know what it means image

     Oh I don't like him by the way

  • he's just a foulmouthed cook* at the ned of the day isnt big and it isnt clever so put it away Gordon dear

    oh and is it me or is he starting to look a bit like a turtle

    cook" someone who cooks for a living like millions of people do everyday

  • His TV personality is just a commercial product that seems to work well and enables him to get more shows. I used to watch him before he really ramped up the swear words. It's not that I found it offensive, just irritating.

    I prefer Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, he's nice and fuzzy and I want to give him a hug.

  • he's not to be taken seriously.

    I can't believe he's managed to offend an Aussie, wow, have they gone soft?

  • and I don't like anyone I know who's called Gordon either.
  • Gordon is a moron?

    or was it a Mormom ?


  • It is just his celeb persona to a certain extent that was built on his  behaviour towards others . Insulting and attacking others is seen in some quarters as amusing and entertaining -he plays to that group. Bullies do that -dont they? Often they will dismiss it  as "a bit of fun" (just as he did). He needs to get out of the playground.
  • I am bored by his persona which is created deliberately. To be aggressive and macho fills a gaping hole in his ability to socialise and communicate normally and still be a 'name'.  It gets him attention, but it isn't particularly original playing Mr Nasty. Unpleasantly contrived instead of cheesy contrived.
  • Was one of his protege's Angela Hartnett yesterday and she was taking the pi$$ out of him something wicked,

    Followed up by Monty Don muttering about testosterone fuelled cooking !!!

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