• It is a form of training that makes you feel very sorry for yourself very quickly.

  • It all depends on how hard you want to push yourself, generally find myself really going for it when I do speedwork no matter what the distance. However you should just do as much as you feel able to do to start with, go at your own pace so doesn't have to kill you, start out easier. Looking at the recent newsletter there seems to be a good intorduction there.
  • Keeny - in a word ... YES!!!

  • so its not for the novice then?
  • Don't know about that, when i started out I was only doing speedwork no longer stuff, admitedly this as a junior so not sure how well this aplies to everyone else but still doing maybe 25% to 1/3 of milage as speedwork and am fine. I think that it in fact a great way to start as long as done sensibly, really gives you an edge in races only having to do a fraction of max pace when compared to others. Start on a grass track if possible doing maybe 6 to 8 X 300 (even 150's are fine) a decent pace with a rest that leaves you able to do all of them, know my club does a speed session on a local grass track often.

    Really I think it whatever you're happy with, if you don't want to risk it don't,  if you want to give it a go then don't feel that you're starting it to early, as long as you do it in a controlled way. 

  • Ok i will have to find a a not to old to do speedwork??  I am 34 image
  • Keeny - you're just a youngster!!!  You're never too old for speedwork - and you don't have to join a club.

    Read my post on your other thread about speedwork.

  • Very interesting!!! i think i will build up my distance 1st before trying speedwork............
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