Race Fit

Hi all

         Having trained hard for weeks building up to a 10k race at the weekend how do you stay race fit without burning out while hopefully inproving for your next race.My next race is 8 days away with one each month untill August,and then the training begins for two halfs in the early Autumn.

         Any advice welcome...........Baggy 


  • you cant, you can have a base fitness, but you need to pick and choose which races are important and focus training around these.
  • Does anyone have any data on the difference between a trained/peak 10k (or other distance) time and a base level fitness 10k time?
  • when im at base training i can run 10k in 29.30 to 30 mins but when i decided on a race and choose to race it hard i look to run in the 28 minutes.  this depends on course and time of year and number of athletes in a race  

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