Stolen Whyte bikes

Mr B has just had two of his bikes taken from the garage under our building. They are pretty distinctive and so I thought I'd start a thread just so anyone who lives in this area could keep an eye out....long shot I know....

Both are white in colour. The E5 race is just one of ten in the country and has special carbon wheels - his baby and irreplaceable... The second is also a whyte frame but is one he made up for commuting, so mountain bike frame, but handbuilt road wheels....

We didn;t have them separately insured as would cost loads, but even the house insurance won;t ay out the £500 per bike because there was no forced entry image

*counts to 10* fecking bastardsimage


  • ((b))....thats crap!  I'd be image also!!  Hope you get them.
  • Really sorry B, total crap for Mr B.
  • I know how much he loves his bikes so there are no words to say how sorry I am to hear this.

    ((((Mr B))))

  • Thanks guys - focusing on the fact that it is only stuff - hopefully he can borrow a mountain bike from work - we'll see...
  • Gutted for you B.  Maybe also keep an eye out on Fleabay and local small ads, but yes sadly it's a long shot.  image
  • Gulp... Terrible. I've had a distinctive bike nicked in the past. Came back within days,but that was before the days of ultra-pimping. Sorry to hear it tho. Would be in bits if Lisa or currently unnamed sister went missing image
  • thanks -Mr B  is gutted first time he has not had a mountain bike since they came out in the mid-80s- police have been good but not optimistic - I live in hope...glad you got yours back
  • Hi anon, not much point in what ifs, if onlys etc really is there? They got them and that's that and we move on and review security and see if we can ensure it doesn't happen again...
  • Sorry to hear about Mr B's bikes lovely, I know they're precious to him. I really hope they get found and returned x
  • Thanks Aitchimage How are things? Still studying and working hard?
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