sports massage how many should you have in a year

hello there people  i have just booked my first sports massage and feel i should of got one long ago just wanted to know how often should you get one i run five times a week and one long run anything from 14- 20 miles and my weekly mileage is about 40- 45 miles a week any advice from the more elite runners out there or any one that could help many thanks


  • I dont have any - its up to the individual.
  • Never had one, just seems like unneccessary expense - although I am a poor student so maybe that has something to do with it image
  • How deep are your pockets?

    I get about a dozen a year.  I try to get one every six weeks or so if the legs feel ok (injury prevention), or every 2 to 3 weeks if I'm suffering from muscle knots or tightness.

    If funds were limitless, once or twice a week would be good!  A good sports therapist/masseur can provide invaluble information about any muscular imbalances you might have and give advice on strengthening and stretching.  I'd rather give my money to a sports therapist before I get injured, than to a physio afterwards!

  • thanks for the advice i think i will try one and see what its like o by the way dose anyone know how soon can you run after one thanks
  • It depends how hard the muscles have been worked.  I wouldn't want to do much more than easy-paced running for 24 hours after a deep tissue massage.

  • hi.

    it does depend on how much you can afford..........every week is great but once a month should help keep you in good should be able to run afterward but you might ache for a couple of days...........remember to drink plenty of water afterwards................ and either go for someone that has been recommended or if not go for someone with a level 4 qualification not just the level 3........... the level 3's can be handed out for good attendance at some colleges and they often do not cover the injury prevention and treatment elements as well as a lot of the anatomy and physiology..........


  • I have them every two weeks or so before a big race and then one a week for a couple of weeks after, then once a month or so in normal training, I like them!
  • I had my first abut 4 days after my marathon.  It was good!  He said I'd recovered well so did it deeper than a normal massage would be that soon after a mara, but not full on.  My calf muscles felt a bit sore after, but everything else felt great.  He found the strain i had in my upper thigh, and showed me that you could feel the scar tissue!  ALso showed me how to self massage this area, but i've not really got the hang of it.  Going back for another soon!
  • Yeah I have one a month. I love having them!
  • About once a month, or more if I am falling apart.
  • What is the going rate for this type of massage?
  • i paid £35 for 30 mins, in Central London.
  • £30-£35 seems to be about the going rate for 60 minutes in the North-West.
  • That's London for you I guess!
  • In cardiff they have a clinic at the university and you get 1 massage from a qualified practioner and then a free one the next week by a student..........the cost is only £16 or £11 if you are a student for 30 minutes.......quite a bargain...........obviously the student ones vary but most are very good........
  • I usually go every Monday.
  • I've heard once a week recommended for the sort of mileage you talk about.  I wouldn't be able to afford that though. image  I have one a month and really notice if I miss one.  I've had them in the morning and run in the afternoon - I just have to make sure I tell the therapist that's what I'm planning to do.  It's probably good to relax afterwards generally though.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Despite running a similar distance to James, and a similar weekly mileage, I don't have them and the cost for regular massages makes it an unaffordable luxury. 
    Besides, as most research shows, they have no real effect and any benefits are all in the mind. (ditto stretching and so called 'energy' gels).

    <<leaves opened can of worms and retreats a safe distance>>

  • Don't care what the research shows - I feel better afterwards, my muscles are relaxed and any knots anywhere have been loosened, ditto aches and pains. My massage team is brilliant, and as sports physios they also understand what I need, especially after a particularly hard weekend's training or long race.
  • The reason the research isn't brilliant is due to poor methodology for the studies.

    However there have been studies with physiological data - cortisol levels for instance (stress hormone), a good cohort, design and some significant p values. 

    Like Ultra-Ironwolf, my patients are convinced of the benefits and as i combine it with assessment / injury treatment they get fixed too. It's a great compliment when they say I've helped them get a pb image even though I'm just doing my job.

  • I was thinking of starting get a sports massage once a month as i am prone to getting tightness in the calf's , Can anyone recommend someone in the Durham / Newcastle area ??
  • James - originator of this thread - have you had it yet?
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