Recovery after partial meniscectomy


I underwent a partial meniscectomy on Monday (well my surgeon advised me that he removed most of it, but that there is still some there). I was wondering if anyone else had gone through this and could give me some advice?

I am usually quite a keen runner, but haven't done any running since the 2008 FLM. How long can I expect until I can start running again?

Also does anyone have any tips/advice on how to loose the weight I have put on whilst not training and any exercises I can do whilst I recover to keep toned and maintain my fitness?

I'm female, 28 years old and a vegetarian and it was my right knee I had done.

Any advice/tips/help greatfully appreciated

Thanks image


  • Hi, I'm an enthusiast set to undergo a partial menisectomy in my right knee too. Sorry that you didn't get any help from here, but is there any help I can get from you about recovery post op and if and how to get back to proper running? Any help would be hugely great. Thanks image
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