Plodder in a tutu

partly cos of Springwatch and partly just cos


  • damn

    did I leave the webcam on again?

  • nice look image
  • quiet day for me I think

    bit of data entry and a bit of CBT

    and have pimped my Bobbis up to do nail art for a friend

  • hard day at the coal face with team leader again today image

    nice enough guy, but the job is hard enough...

    we've trained up a wonderful substitute who's lovely to w**k with and has a good relationship with client

    but they've taken on a load of new team leaders and they have to find them something to do

  • ffs
  • Morning all.

    I'm a great-great-auntie again image

    Idiots at the hozzie wanted to send Great-Niece home and come back tomorrow to be induced - they were busy! As GN pointed out they'd be busy tomorrow and she was a fortnight overdue anyway so they kept her in. Isn't the NHS wonderful image

  • Congrats, Parddu.imageimageimage

    I've always experienced great service when I've needed the NHSimage

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭

    Only two w**king days left before I go off w**king.


  • Congratulations Parddu image

     I've been de-cluttering today which I'm classing as cross training image

    My sis is staying with us till she gets her own place and sleeping in the lounge so I've taken down the pups cage as she never uses it now anyway and its now so much more roomy image 

    the cage was 4 foot by the way and only just about big enough to hold 4 month old pup anyway image

  • <flollop>

    congrats great-great-auntie Parddu


  • yes another vote for NHS

    and a good result

  • didn't get job

    apparently interviewed less well than 2 years ago


    2 years experience makes me less good


  • also got a parking ticket today - had paid to park but slip must have fallen off when I shut door image
  • (wonders if lurker is looking forward to visiting the house of fun)
  • (snuggles up in pup's cage)
  • hic
  • don't sweat, flr, bad performance on the day?

    when's your house guest arrive

    and yes, a vote for the NHS

  • who knows - maybe an excuse to justify a decision, maybe having the year I had I underperformed?
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    *waves to Plodpals* 


    Nice tutu Yeo!

    Congrats to Great Auntie Parduu!

    Well, dan dan has a unicycle now and I'm wondering how much damage I can inflict upon myself with 1 wheel as compared to 2...... 

  • so it's true?

    dan dan's only got one?

  • 2 of my nephews ride unicycles - or used to

    at the time I was going around on a trike

    they come with 2 wheels you say?

  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    Aye. But the two-wheeled ones are dangerous.

    dan dan only has one but it is big and firm. 

  • g'night x
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