London Marathon Recovery Time

I did my first ever Marathon at London on the 26th April 2009 and I trained to a plan, had a really good race, got inside my target time, and allowed myself time to recovery and picked things up gradually over the next four or five weeks. So far, so good. The thing is I am now starting to worry because it has been seven weeks since the race I can't seem to get back my speed, strength or (most curiously) endurance. I am just finding it such hard going at the moment - typified by a dismal run today which I had to cut short because there was just nothing in my legs.

Any advice please?


  • spongecakespongecake ✭✭✭
    I read somewhere its quite common to feel like that after the hard slog of training then the euphoria of finishing your marathon,try setting some new targets and enter a few races might give you the boost,good luck.
  • Have been feeling exactly the same.  I have a half marathon next weekend and yesterdays run was crap.  Did just over 9 miles but walked for a minute on 3 occasions.  Had nothing in the tank.

  • I did the Prague Marathon on 10 May (5 weeks ago), and have a half marathon the weekend after next.

    Strangely enough, I'm quick and strong over distances up to 8ks; anything over that - even if I'm taking it really easy - and I'm bust at the 12k stage! Bizarre. Tried a very slow 20k on Sunday, and had to walk the last 5k - felt worse than any marathon I've run!
  •  There was a thread a few weeks ago somewhere with some links for multiple marathons, bounce back programs, recovery programs and the like. I know what you all mean, but I followed one of these after the Prague and feel OK to do the Oslo forest mara on Saturday. If it doesn't go well I'll say so image

    All I can say is, if you have been resting completely from running, you can detrain quite quickly - maybe 10% per week or more, IIRC. So little training for 7 weeks could easily be contributing to this, not just slow recovery. Last year I had a four week walking holiday shortly after these 2 marathons and was disgusted with my running performance when I got back in August, even though I'd walked 300 k - it just wasn't the same, Having said that, it came back mostly after roughly 4 weeks of a running program. Then I followed a mara program again from scratch.

  • Kevin

    Don't be to hard on yourself -  

    your only human, and all this is perfectly normal - i think you have to just simply persevere with physical distance and physcological stamina 

    your profile says you had a 6 year lay off- ??, so give yourself a chance

    good luck, we all support you

    for what it's worth, my training and racing went to sporadic and nothing for years from arond 100 miles a week years ago

    i was to return to running only pushing my boy Phillip in his wheelchair - some weeks we can put it together , some weeks not

     all the best


  •    I am in the same position as Kevin Taylor except my marathon was the 19th April.  I'm thinking of resting completely from running for 1 to 2 weeks or shall I stretch my legs twice this week and miss one long run out next weekend?  I'd appreciate any advice as I'm finding this really frustrating as I have a 10K in August and a half in September.
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