Morecambe 10K 14/06/2009

for any of you that did this race and spotted me and my camera at finish line photos are now online and yo ucan find them  here - hope you like them.  Feel free to download, add your comments or if you want a high res JPEG then email me at - also feel free to add/leave any comments



  • Cheers Charlie - I'll have a look. I remember you from the 3 Bridges race and got a really good pic off you then so fingers crossed you caught my good side again!
  • Found me - email on it's way, even though you didn't get my good side at the end (boy, do I look rough image)

    Seriously, thanks for taking the time today to capture our agony/ecstacy (delete as appropriate) image

  • On a different note, did anyone get a T-shirt with "Pete Bland half-marathon" on? I wasn't too far down the field (67th-ish) so I'm surprised not to get a Morecambe T-shirt. I've never run the Pete Bland half so feel a fraud wearing the T-shirt.
  • yeah i got one of those and put it on to go home in. My wife was surprised to find i'd run a half marathon so fast.... I came off after that. are there any results posted yet? no idea where i finished.
  • Results

    The writing on my t-shirt is on the back but over to the left so looks a bit odd to someone with borderline OCD! Is your writng in the middle?

  • It's on the shoulder, that's why i didn't notice it, i did wonder why they had given me a plain blue t shirt

  • Yeah, mine too. Oh well, it's obviously not a faulty one - just an odd one!

    I enjoyed the race anyway so that's the main thing image

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