Plod from Shaft


Who's the black private dick
That's a sex machine to all the chicks?
You're damn right


  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    Morning flr


    Day off today, mum and dad are visiting. 

  • used to do a VERY amusing version of this for Kid B when I was getting her out of her cot along the lines of

    Who's the little girl that's lying in a nappy

    With rolls of fat looking oh so happy


    can you dig it?

  • ooo nice

    enjoy your family image

  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    lol @ your version!

    Best go, meeting them for brekkie but got to take dan dan to w*rk first!!

    ttfn x 

  • also used to do a highly witty version of fatgirl slim to gangster tripping - evidently I was less pious about not giving my child an eating disorder 2nd time around - I can recall refusing to have Postman Pat Gets Fat in the house with Kid A in case it gave him an ED
  • drive carefully x
  • morning

  • lol

    even if EDs aren't funny

  • don't think we are laughing at EDs more my uneven parenting skills?
  • yes

    return of Clue tonight

    looking forward with VERY mixed feelings

  • oh dog yes - is it Stephen Fry?
  • w**king at that time so will have to listen on interweb later
  • FB has just suggested I send my Dad a personalised card - does it go that far?
  • oops seem to be having an extreme duvet day instead of a lsp
  • and am still feeling quite shaky and viral
  • ooo nasty

    duvet best option then

  • oh

    you got to w**k?

  • I did but client looked at me and sent me away
  • she cycled yeasterday and has a lsp on Wednesday so I don't feel too guilty
  • cos at least she'll be getting some even if not from me
  • lol

    that's alright then

  • well it does affect my willingness to cancel tbh
  • hmmm

    the thunderstorm we've been threatened with all day has arrived

    pogeons looking very sorry for themselves

  • yes it's here too image
  • have just made a storm faux pas - is on FB (twice)
  • night


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