Monday 15th June 09

There's no place for us.

Morning All

Wheres the thread is it a lie in on Monday image.

What : 7.5/10M pm
Why : Did n't want to do a double


  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Sorry I was on my bike AGAIN

    What: guess
    Why: guess
    Last hard: yesterdays bike race actually
    Last rest: Saturday 13th June
    Lyrics: indeed I know them

    MaxHR hit 188!!!! during the race yesterday a new record. I can't run but proves to me that I can still push myself hard so my overall fitness seems to be ok :¬)

    Realised this morning that being on the bike felt normal and that I am not missing the running. I guess that means I have been injured a long time.

    Finally something good to say regards my leg, after my 2nd ride yesterday I did a few drills(fast feet weight transfer stuff) and I was putting weight on my left leg through the ball etc. Promising stuff indeed. I have decided that no matter how I feel I will not attempt to run until after the MRI but dare I say PROGRESS ....?
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Joe you just beat me. Been up for an hour waiting for the thread and decided to start it myself. Luckily i checked before i hit submit image

    Thanks for the nice words yesterday feel better today except for a sore right shoulder, from the sun. Funny the left is ok, even though we ran in both directions

    TmR - Yesterdays race was my replacement race from when i pulled out of Halstead, the plan was from today, and still is to focus on the 5km as this is the distance i do most often basically to get my times down which i hope would affect my times for the longer ones. Hopefully plan to do some even shorter races as well. So i'll be basing my training around a Jack Daniels 1500m schedule as he says that slower runners would benefit more from this than following a 5km schedule

    I do plan on doing some 10kms as well but without the focus and probably one 10 mile race (my last one was in 1989 and it is my new years resolution to do one this year)

    But nothing longer till next year

    What: 3 miles easy am/Dentist pm
    Why: recovery
    Last Hard: Yesterday

  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    Good Morning,

    Just dropped onto the thread to thank TMR for dropping into the O 60s thread.


    thanks. See you at B'ham, I presume. Well done one your discus pb yesterday. After a long run too. which must have affected throwing a discus, so it was a good pb.

    NZC and any others who commented on my achievement yesterday Thanks.

    Didn't sleep last night, too much adrenaline. imageimage

  • mavamava ✭✭✭

    morning all

    Gobi, good to hear you sounding more positive than of late. Fingers crossed that things are improving.

    Pammie - looking forward to hearing you run PB after PB! 

    TmR - good stuff from you

    Lots of other good runs going on yesterday.  Once again, congrats to ceal!

    What: 2.5 miles very slowly, av HR 128 so I guess that qualifies as recovery
    Why: my legs resembled two planks of wood when I got out of bed this morning
    Last hard: that would be yesterday
    Last rest: 16 Feb

    I want to know why the runner who can do easy runs at 128 HR isn't the same runner who turns up to races and runs slowly with HR sky high throughout.   Don't think it's nerves - what have I got to be nervous about?

    Ho hum

    Happy monday people 

  • Nice hot racing from Pammie and mava

    World class performance from ceal (again).
    Getting 101% on the wava scales without running a world record makes those scales a bit suspect though...
    Jason needs to run 27 flat for 10k to get a similar grading image
    Great long run there, Jason.

    What: 8 miles easy d&d
    Why: flab fighting & getting back into it
    Last hard: getting out of bed
    Last rest: yesterday

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Mava - Well done yesterday, yesterday was unbearable you did well to run about 5 miles more than me and hillier too.
    Talking to others after the race it was said it is always Hot on the IOW festival worth remembering for next yeat LOL.

    I'd like to ask a question as well. Gels in races (i have asked this over on Fetch but like to expand it a bit) Whats the shortest race in which you take Gels, how many and when.
    Up to yesterday i was always of the mindset they weren't worth taking in races under 20 miles. Being a bit sceptical used to see them as a marketing ploy after all what did they do before Gels

  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    The reason why the age-grading scales do not show up a World Record is that the World Records are shown for 5 year age groups. When one is at the top end of an age-group, I am 69 yrs in less than 2 weeks time, the age-grading figure will reflect the age not the 5 year block, as one enters one's age into the equation. I have not explained that very well, but hope you understand what I am saying.

    My RHR is very low and my HR when just running bog standard training runs can be less than 128 but put me on a start line and it can be 108 just standing there. So I think adrenaline comes into play.
  • So you have to wait till you can start knocking out WR's in just over a year image.
  • Mornin all.

    5 easy tonite, maybe more, maybe less depending on gardening injury.

    TMR - i found a stretch for it last nite - it's seems to be helping - thanks. Wife looking at me strange this morning walking up & down stairs - testing it out - doesnt feel too bad. Hopefully a few easy days will sort it out, if not - complete rest.

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Morning folks.

    Pammie - sounds like a tough day out in the heat, and the HR data shows you certainly put the effort in, so you can't ask for more. On a better day that will equate to a much quicker time. Well battled. I only take gels in maras - 4 @ 5m intervals. I also use it as a psychological trick - when I use the last one at 20m, then it's time to give whatever is left in the tank. For me, suddenly not carrying anything after 20m of running is like a trigger. I know Gobi has tried them at various stages in HM'.

    Paddy - only if Martin Fagan forgets to register (though I'm sure he probably has somebody to do that for him). Re: New Forest Mara. Last year I backed off for the last 10k as I had another one 4 weeks later. I feel I can control myself even better now, so no fears of leaving my Dublin performance there. If I wasn't doing NF I'd be doing a 35-40km TT anyway apparently, so...... Fingers crossed for the back.

    Gobi - looks like cracking good fun! Bet that felt good! image

    mava - sounds painful with the blister. As with Pammie, surely much quicker in better conditions. Re: the higher HR, excitement rather than nerves?

    sharkie - as JH said, a 10k series. I missed the first one (Wednesday after Edinburgh), but it's only 20mins away and is normally good fun. Sounds like fun on the track!

    jason - nice run, though the OCD wouldn't let me stop it without getting it to 26.2 first image When are you doing a mara?

    NZC - image aye, I'm excited to be back in proper training and planning stuff now after a break!

    TmR - good bigger picture decision with the long run, but would it be worthwhile taking an easy few days and freshening up given you said you felt weary a few days back. Congrats on the discus pb.

    ceal - Amazing stuff. Well done.

    What: 8m rec jog d&d / 13m later incl 1hr of light fartlek.
    Why: Base image
    Last hard: Edinburgh.
    Last rest: Saturday.
    Lyrics: Nope.

    Have a great day all.

  • Well done to all runners yesterday, it was a scorchio.

    What: Friendly game of badminton pm
    Why: recovery from first race yesterday (51:20 for 10K) should have been sub 45 but made some stupid decisions during the run. Still its a PB, and its annoyed me so much that Ive entered another 10K, sooner than planned, to get it out of my system! 

    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Saturday

  • TT - just checked. Didnt realise he had thaty 2:14 under his belt in Dubai. Looks like the lead pipes are your bestb hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • ceal, (if you are still around).  What is the world record, which you'll be aiming for, this year, and next in the next age group ?
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    I' m here!

    The World Record for LV65 is 5:43, no chance on that one so high up in my age group. But I have just seen the LV70 and am amazed to discover that it is 6.12 mins. Now in just over a years time I will be 70 (horrors of horrors) and that should be achievable, even if I slow a little, as long as I stay uninjured. That is the tricky part. Training at high intensity with a more elderly body! BUT there is an athlete who is very very fast who goes into the LV70 age-group right now, so will be interesting to see what she does this year.

  • A'noon peeps from a very wet West of Scotland !

    What: 4M Steady this morning and it was beginning to drizzle then.

    Why: Ease into the week.

    Lyrics: No

    Read back time.

  • ceal, that's only ONE more second
  • Afternoon!  Was away at the weekend for a wedding, that coupled with post-exam celebrations meant i only got 4 miles in over the 4 days from Thursday til Sunday, but I still have 3 weeks to get some miles in before I head to Europe for 3.5 weeks (my excuse for not running during it is that it will be my pre-season complete break, plus I'll probably be too knackered anyway!)   Thanks for all the well-wishes towards the exams, all went ok, so happy to just be free for a while!

    Ceal - well done, that's an amazing performance!

    TT - a belated well done for Edinburgh

    Nice going in the heat Pammie and Mava

    Gobi - good work in the debut bike race

    • What:  35 mins 30 am (4.3 miles) / 55 mins pm
    • Why:  For once, I have nothing else to doimage
    • Last Hard:  Remembering what a hangover feels like on Thursdayimage
    • Last Rest:  yesterday
    • Lyrics: nope
    Have a nice day!  Was really sunny when I went out running earlier, then a hailstorm of biblical proportions arrived an hour later, glad I went when I did!  Nice and sunny now though
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    Thanks Jason.

    no that is 11 secs. I ran 5:54 mins!!!

  • Afternoon all,

    Pammie:  Sounds tough at Southend.  Well done on toughing it out - can't have been easy in the heat.  Gells - never use them;  I'm an advocate of 13 slices of toast and marmalade the day before, which is probably cheaper too image

    Mava:  2 mins down in the heat and humidity is pretty good.  I reckon Scotty does secret training image

    Gobi:  Bike racing sounds a different world - reminds me of LizzyB's posts. 

    JW:  Awesome traing run. 

    TMR:  A PB and a champ medal is a good day's work, even if you know you can do better. 

    AW:  Well done on the 10k PB.  Those mistakes sound costly. 

    Bit of a panic today.  I tend to find the laces in new asics shoes too short for a full lace up and a double bow unless I pull them tight.   I think my feet must have swelled yesterday as my left foot was in agony when I put them on today.  I was convinced I'd got a metarsal fracture, until some serious re-lacing to miss out the middle section reduced the pain to bearable levels. 

    • What:  AM 8m, PM 5m
    • Why:  Recovery
    • Last Hard:  1/1
    • Last Rest:  15/3

    Have a good one!

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    What a fantastic weekend!

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Fraid my run didn't happen. We had guests pop round then i had to eat before the dentist as eating afterwards might be difficult.

    Tooth extracted by cheerful dentist but can't run now - not advised. Still hope to get back to it tomorrow

    Thanks for the replies to gels.
    AF - oh yes i remember you are the toast man.

    TmR - Sorry missed saying congrats to you for yesterday great to pb esp good. Well done

    Adrian - well done for yesterday. Just curious whens the next 10km, not horndon perchance

  • AF I do hope that it is not a panic inducing fracture as you intimate.

    Ceal: Of course I must add my congratulations to a worthy winner and record holder. Apart from the running bit, how much stretching and core work do you do in order to avoid injury and stay supple?

    TmR pb'd? Did I miss out the opportunity to congratulate? The good times are here again!

    Righty ho. Just back in and showered twice. Once by a rumbly cloud. Once was neeece and warm. 9.8 miles, mostly lost around the East End of London, Docklands and Canary Wharf. I tried to track that bit of the mara route but it just did not seem right. I even found Mudchute but without the cheering crowd 5 deep (and Mrs S) it seemed odd. I could swear that there were ghosts of forumites still there. I am able to report tonight courtesy of Garmin whose technology brought me home. Otherwise I'd still be out there heading for Tower Bridge and going completely the wrong way.

  • Gobi - you sound one very happy person.

    Ceal - fantastic achievement - thanks for explaining the 101%

    TMR - congrats on the discus PB.

    Adrian - sounds like there is much more to take off your new PB.

    AF - be careful with the lacing of your shoes!!

    Blisters - sounds like you had a good run.

    What: 6 miles hilly - quite warm by the time I'd finished.

    Good running everyone.

  • Hi Pammie*

    I wont be at Horndon, am doing the Cliffe Woods 10k next month. Its only 5 miles from where I live and a couple of old school friends I bumped into on Sunday are doing it. A good excuse for a catch-up beer afterwards as well.

    Hi NZChristine

    There is definitely a lot more to come, just kicking myself for not making the most of Sunday. Did the first 6K in about 26 mins and feeling strong, but was running at a faster pace than I was planning, panicked and slowed my pace right down (to virtually a walk). Got to the end with a lot left in the tank. I guess the pacing will come with experience.

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭

    Gels - carry one in a 10 miler but not usually used unless I did a long warm up, I take one at 9 miles(ish)in a half marathon.

    Cheers all, the race was very different and yeah being sucked in. That said inside me a runner is still waiting to get out.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    Quick post, 8m done and dusted

    Hope all are well

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