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  • Go into www.dk10k.co.uk  and look at the most uptodate race guide for the West Midlands.
  • See you there Chris? Running this time?

     B'ham Owl - re Godiva 5M - see above.

    Roundy, Spence & Yeti - see you all at NTRIX... how's the training going Spence (haven't seen you at the club for a while!)

     Merry Christmas all

  • hey RK, you're back on line, better stop talking about you! image

     haven't missed that many club sessions!! and some of us do a Thursday evening!! image The training is going ok, plan is being "adapted" over the hols, did 10.5 along the canal on Monday, but when I came home my ankle swelled up, which is why I didn't come to club last night........ I'm up to 14 miles , so long runs are venturing into new territory now!! image

  • boing - for craig
  • thanks lurkio. nice one
  • not many people about at the moment craig but it will hot up again in the new year i should think

    i just looked at your profile and you don't mention belonging to a running club
    sneyd striders is a nice club and i think there is another one round there but can't think what it is called

  • Evening all... Going to be a hectic day tomorrow so just wanted to wish you all a belated Merry Christmas and all the best and good health for 2010. Hopefully see some of you on the other side... image
  • thanks lurkio yeah i looking to join a club this year and sneyd striders is  only a stones throw away ! so will be looking into it next week thanks ill keep you all updated.

     oh happy new year to you all have a good one!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heh all, hope your having a great new year !
  • hi chris - sorry i didn't make it on sunday, i did not get myself organised (out of bed) and then it was too late
  • Hi Lurker, hope you're having a great new year.

    I didnt make it either, although I did not plan to do the series this year anyway, with limited weekends I decided to do the cross country league stuff instead.

    I might be at the one in March, the Feb race I shall be on hol in the hot sunshine somewhere image

  • Noticed on the Park Run website that a new weekly 5 km run is beginning in the War Memorial Park in Coventry on Saturday 6th February 2010.

     It'll be held every Saturday morning at 9.00 am.

    Coventry Park Run

  • There is a new one in Newport (near Telford) on the 28th March.

    Lilleshall Monumental

    Which looks quite good for future years (Have a race the day before).

    Same people who organise Wheaton Aston 10K, so organisation should be top notch.

  • Hi Chris, Lurker, Yeti et al,

    Seems a bit quiet here of late...

    I'm going up to the XC Nationals on Saturday, just to watch though, as I have a 10-miler the following day in East Yorks. I'll miss the next Centurion GP 5 as I'm taking part in the B'ham Uni Carbo/Gel study thing in Cannon Hill Park. It's any two of three 10-milers on consecutive weekends, but as I'm doing the Kilomathon on March 14th it has to be the first and last for me. Still plan to do the last Centurion race though, Aprill10th.

    As usual, racing nearly every weekend - what's everyone else up to?

  • HI RoadKill, hi all. Are you a human Guinea pig then ?

    Well I am waiting for the new fixtures to come out for the Warwickshire Road Race League and then plan my summer races round them, contemplating the Berlin Marathon too but that will take a lot of training so some careful consideration on that one (its not till September). I tend to be racing about once a month at the moment. I should be doing the last two Centurion GPs image

    Just moved house too so finding new routes, which is nice. How has everyone coped with the snow we have had, don't know about you lot but although it makes the running hard I have enjoyed it.

  • No, I'm a Guinea Pig Human... hope to learn a bit about race-day fuelling.

    I think people make too much fuss about the snow, it's OK most of the time. The XC at Leamington was, well, different! Made it hard work, even without Beacon Hill and 'the ditch'.

    I don't really bother with the RR League, though I am signed up for the Two Castles 10k, which was included last year, if I remember correctly. I prefer to select my own races than be told!

    I might be free to marshall on March 7th, if Centurions need any help?

    I'll give all our local clubs a cheer at Leeds.

  • Well the Guinea Pig Human experiment sounds interesting.

    Agree with you about the snow, less traction underfoot but its all good training. Interesting point about the RR League but they are most likely races I would do anyway, I too am signed up for the two castles.

    Have fun at Leeds, that will be fast !!!!
  • I notice Centurions don't have any entries at Leeds...

    I think they're still looking for volunteers for the gel study - Human, Guinea Pig, whatever.

  • I have a knackered knee image

    did 16.7 yesterday furthest ever but after 14.5 my knee was really hurting & I had to walk/run, another visit to Simon ! image

  • Cracking race yesterday, but slowest 10-miler yet. Set off a bit slower than usual (intentionally, as I tend to go off too fast), then built up speed gradually. All going well until about half way, then a slight pull of my left quad slowed me right down. Still managed a bit of a sprint finish, but could barely walk after!

    Look after that knee Spence - you'll be needing it! 10 weeks to go?

  • aaaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!
  • wombourne half guys?

    what's it like?, i am thinking about it

  • forget that - i neeed a 10k in late june
  • R-K: I saw loads of runners with numbers on today round Cannon Hill, so stopped to ask a marshal and it turned out to be a Uni study, so I guess it's related to the one you're doing?  Was a bit off-putting, doing my steady plod, with what felt like a race going on around me!

    Hope everyone's well? I'm finally feeling like I could be getting back into this running malarkey with 10 miles in the bank today for the first time since Brum half in Oct.

  • Hi Yeti, yes every Saturday morning for 4 weeks (they added a 4th). You could have joined in! It's 5 laps of a 2-mile loop, but we had to ingest a carbo gel at 0, 2, 4 and 6 miles. They're testing tolerance to carbs in endurance athletes.

    I'm doing the 4th rather than the 3rd now, so that I can run in the Mids Road Relays in Sutton Park on 20th March.

    Kilomathon tomorrow...

  • Hi all, switched my dates round , doing the last one too ! Yeti, there are still two dates to go on it and I am sure they are looking for more people. They weigh you before and after, measure how much you drink etc etc and have a presentation on the results in April.

    Off to Silverstone tomorrow for the half, image
  • See you on the 27th then Chris.

    Good luck at Silverstone, I'm doing the Kilomathon.

  • R-K, i will see you at the road relays

    is the aldridge 10k a properly measured one?
    anyone know?

  • I did Trimpell 20 today, crikey that's a long way !!
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