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  • 20 - blimey spence you are well ahead of me
    i am only up to 16 miles!!
  • I'd got to 16.7 before today, I struggled, lack of crowd support and a fast field meant that JFF, XB and I were on our own!! Still I did in 3:43 and we weren't last, so I am pleased!!image
  • well done!!!!
  • that's about the same sort of pace as me so looks like we will be running together at wndermere
  • Well done Spence! Where's Trimpell?image

    Hi Lurchio, see you on Saturday!image

    The Kilomathon was a bit of a 'mare. Too many aches and pains from injuries that haven't quite healed yet. image Good race though, decent course and well organised, despite the usual problems of mass-participation events. Even free beer at the end!image

  • Lurker, that's good, I can give Meldy lots of abuse, which she deserves!! image 

    Free beer, crikey !

    Trimpell was up in Lancaster, we had a cup of tea at the end ! The elites didn't get that!

  • Ran the Silverstone half yesterday, missed my PB by 4 secs,,,,,arrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

     Lots of creaking and aching myself.......


  • Bad luck, Chris. At least I got a PB, if not a very good one!

    I know Lancaster fairly well Spence, but have never heard of Trimpell! How was it?

  • The Kilomathon sounds decent then RK, think I might look for one image
  • RK,  I found  it very tough, not only the mileage, but there wasn't any support along the way and because it was a flat course, the racing snakes were off and were soon on their way back whilst we were still going out !! image there were about 10 of us at the back, running with me were Jenni Far Far and XB, and we entertained ourselves by trying to overtake, no one running knocked kneed was going to finish before me !!! but soon we were at the front of our slow band and so there was nothing to distract......when we got back we had to do 2 laps of the track image the only people left were a couple taking our numbers and a lovely old lady giving out the T Shirts and a Twix everyone else had buggered off !! image we did get a couple of tea ! image
  • Next one's Scotland, 3rd October. My pal Joe's doing it, I'm still dithering. Might look to do something more local. It was good though.

  • Spence - well done - 20m is horrible the first time you do it. And the 2nd. And the 3rd. image
  • Lurker

    was it Aldridge you were asking about? - I've done it the last 2 years, yes it's a proper 10k put on by a running club - but it's rather undulating as I recall - a lovely race though

  • Lucker, are the JW relay entries open yet ?
  • Spence, I Google-mapped it and it looks rather more like Morecambe than Lancaster, though a 20-miler could easily have taken in Lancaster from there.

    I guess I'll not add it to my 'to do' list. I quite fancy the one across the bay, though, and there are a couple of HMs around Lancaster.

  • tbh RK I could have been f*ckin anywhere !!!! image
  • I was the only one with a Sparkhill Vest on ! image
  • I had mine on, but then I was about a hundred miles away.
  • Hi all, Come and run the Aldridge 10k & 4.3k Road Race on the 13th June 2010 this year we have lots of age categories, check out our website www.aldridgerunningclub.co.uk

    Keep on running !! .

  • Apologies for butting in folks but I've recently taken over looking after my running club's website (Stourbridge Running Club).  I've put a race diary on there which has information on lots of races around the midlands (including our own 'Stagger' and 'Stumble' of course!).

     Please see http://www.srclub.co.uk

  • no need for apologies Wally! this is a thread for local events after all image
  • Nobody minds that kind of plug, Wally! image
  • Well, it's all gone quiet over here!
    Cov HM, anyone? Two Castles? BBCHM?
  • Don't for get the Aldridge 10k & 4.3k Road Race on the 13 th June.
  • It's in my diary, but probably won't be going.

    I suppose you're going to tell us how wonderful it is?image

  • Of course one not to miss Road-Kill !!
  • Any of you guys in the Aldridge Running Club ?

  • Two Castles for me, not the coventry but will be spectating....

    Hurt my foot, so off training a bit now image
  • Kaks, nope.... Centurions for me.
  • I'm running a marathon on Sunday........*thud* image
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