west mids events thread



  • Cancer Research UK 10k, Sutton Park, 13th Sep, anybody? (no gender restriction on this one!)
  • mite do

    bit hilly over there though aint it
    is it properly measured and all that though ? - cos i am looking for a pb
    this year i am doing no races with "fun" in the title

  • hmm, organised by the same people that  do the race for life

    so it won't be
    next year maybe

  • although it might be good practise for the conductive education 2 weeks later, since that is flat

  • £19.50!!!!

  • birmingham half is only £24.10
  • Helloimage

  • lo spence
  • Given that the entry fee 'does not include a donation', you have to wonder where the money goes. Even with the free T-shirt, it is a little bit steep. Then again I've paid £22.00 to enter the Jane Tomlinson 10k in York.

    Makes the Leafy 10 look great value!

  • yyaaaa........................
  • had a brilliant run tonight first run in 18 days due to my suspected swine flue 5 miles in 45 min all good !! bit of a buggar though i was looking forward to the black coutry half but recover was just so slow so bring on Birmingham half and beachy head marathon in october,
  • finally found it!

    now what have I missed.....?

  • Someone mentioned free chocolate..........image

  • Hi all

    Lazy this weekend, feel bad only managed 3 miles yesterday and feel really guilty about it (as eat loads as well !).

    Will have to make up for it this week.image.

    No chocolate for me !!

  • ooh, nice thread!image
  • Kaks - only 3 miles for me too - ran out of time image
  • 9 miles for me and my dawg Saturdayimage

    and then R4L on Sunday, but I walk/ran that as I had roped a friend in to do itimage

  • Well done Spence image
  • RK - the BvH leafy 10 is great value, we would have charged more but could not think of what we would spend it on!!!


    i hope all you west midland folk will atttend - it will be a social with a race thrown in
    and seriously - it is dirt cheap

  • well seeing as lovely Lurker has started this thread, I thought I might make an addition to it?

    Not strictly in the Midlands region....but I still watch Midlands Today, and its only just outside the administrative boundary....so I am sure there must be some people who might be tempted with a short trip down the M5 on a saturday afternoon???

    Devil's Chimney 'Almost' 10k multi-terrain race!

     Saturday 18th July in the evening!!!

  • Road-Kill wrote (see)

    Makes the Leafy 10 look great value!

    echoes Lurker - not just look, it is!  Get your entry in now - close to the limitimage

    Nice to see peeps far and wide settling onto the West Mids sofa

  • nick - it would be lovely to see you since we will not see you in september
  • hmmm could be interesting given it is the week after....!
  • oh yeah - maybe not lol lol lol

    come and have cake and tea if you have time

  • Cake and tea, yummy.....
  • Is it go faster cake!?
  • no, it's chill out cake for after


  • and the lemon drizzle is particularly yummy-(special request please)
  • well, there seem to be some results coming from somewhere for the rowheath 5k as ourt club site is announcing a couple of warwickshire champions - but i can't see any on the web site still

  • Still nothing from the website, wonder where the results are coming from. I recall it took a while for the first set to come out.
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