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  • mmmm... lemon drizzle.... can I put in an order please?
  • rowheath 5k results are up!!
  • Just checked the results.....I lost image lol
  • LOL - seems you beat yourself though, by a whole second!

    As we thought, I actually went 30 secs slower than last timeimage Ah well, nothing the weekend before the 3rd race... oh bum. Just realised I'm heading up to the Lake District that evening.

  • i have just emailed 25 running clubs in the west mids
    and forgotten to put the link to our club site on them image
    i did mention the club in the email so i hope they work it out,since i am not doing it again!!

    so for those of you who belong to clubs - could you just check your listings to see if the BvH leafy 10k is there
    and if not let me know
    of course i may have missed your club out
    in which case i still want to know

    R-K, you are covered cos i have exchanged emails with birmingham owl, at least i hope it was him, the name seemd familiar, if not he willl think it odd that i said i was lurker off the internet lol lol lol

  • Well somebody added it to the calendar on our site, anyway.
  • oh my goodness

    saved from page 3!!!


  • actually he was not the only forumite i found myself emailing as club sec
    the  black pear joggers sec is off here as well
  • The who now?
  • Black Pear Joggers? Sorry, but never heard of 'em!
  • they are a small new running club - from worcester
    they have been going a few years now
    and i know a few people who run with them because they post on here - or they used to

  • not small at all - 200 members
  • Hello to all Brummie runners from someone who if fairly new to the area.

    Im currently training for the Great North and wondered what might be a couple of good races to do as part of  build up ? (Probably do the Brum half in October as well.)

  • when is it?

    i know i should know stuff like that but since i am not doing it i don't remember
    i think it's end of spetember time????

  • 20th Sep.

    How about Worcester Pitchcroft 10k this Sunday, Rowheath 5k Thu Aug 13th, Lichfield 10k, Sep 6th?

    I may be doing one or two of these.

  • Lurker - email our club..... almostathletes@hotmail.com - normally read by Karen and/or Graham...we have a pretty big membership of 300 I think.

    We have our race TOMORROW EVENING!


  • Hi Road Kill, I'm doing Pitchcroft on sunday.

    How about this one at Morton Morrel College next saturday (the 25th):


    10 miles cross country including a clamber over the horse jumps and lots of mud.

  • Hi Lurker, it was me.

    What a great idea for a thread. Keep up the good work.

    Hi Road-Kill. I think Rob from the club is thinking of doing the Pitchcroft race - you should have his email.

  • oh, here is a little low key event  on Sept 13th with a 5k and 10k

    Blythe Valley Business Park Charity Fun Run

    It's out at the business park by the M42 (near notcuts) . They also have a 500m run for little 'uns which I usually do with my daughter. Unfortunately, I'll be off to Lake Vrynwy  for the half that day.

  • Hey all. Back again!

    So, I am doing the Brum half at the end of October, and the Nantwich sprint tri on 20th September. I could probably do with a nice informal 10K to do at the end of August time to keep my motivation up (as I've not raced since the Muller 10K in May). Any suggestions? image

  • nick - i suspect your club people might think iw as taking the p*ss since they are already sending up a massive posse for the jw (not that that is BvH race)

    but i will do it anyway

  • no BB - i only know the ones i am doing image
  • i managed to bump into yeti out running today (we both switched our watches off before actually talking to each other cos we is serious runners!!)

    and birmingham owl in the swimming pool

    i am a social butterfly

  • was nice bumping into you today Lurker - I was totally dead on my feet though!
  • Basil Brush Mk II, there is a good  five miler in Coventry on 4th September

    see here

    It's on a friday night which I always think that makes for better racing.

  • ... and nice to see you again Lurker.

  • BB Mk11, The coventry five miler is quite good, its also part of the Warwickshire road league, but dont worry about that, just means there will be some serious racing snakes there, the rest of us just go the pub.
  • Just back from up north (Yorks Wolds Half - eeh, it were reet gradely, sithee) so Pitchcroft was the one of those three suggestions I wasn't going to be doing. Rowheath 5k depends on when I head up to the Lakes, while Lichfield 10k remains a likelihood.

    No suggestions for you I'm afraid, BB II.

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