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  • the memorial park route is lovely - another vote ofr it from me - i did a dream time (for me) there in may
    but agreed, you have to ignore all the racing snakes
  • heads up for anyone planning a 12 wk training plan for Bham Half

    Today is day 1 of week 1
  • Is it a rest day LJB1!?image
  • Lurker, does that mean it is pub time image

  • Spence - actually yes it is, every week!image

     Seems the devisor of the RW Ultimate schedule is in the RoadKill school of thinking - not sure how I will fit that into the BVH club nite!

  • Eh? Oh, yeah - Monday rest days. Makes sense if you do lots of races on Sundays (to me, anyway).

    You should be able to shift the schedule, or parts of it, along by one day, or just swap days around - it's not cast in stone.

    It's rather harder to fit it around a load of other races of varying lengths. In my case at least a 5k, a 10k, a 7M and a full mara, with probably another two 10ks and possibly a 5M... flexibility is, as in so many things, key!

  • i might do that 5 mile, although i will just have got back from holiday - so not expecting a good time
    i thught it was a really nice route though
  • mondays are for recovery runs if you have raced
  • Dont worry RK - i will be shifting it around as do not intend to miss the next 12 Monday club nights.image
  • Lurker - i doubt it....i think its good to have a few close links with a few clubs...networkiung and all that!

    Our race went well..even i managed it, although I did stop shortly before the end and walked back with the lead female as she sprained he ankle and was in floods of tears (she was only a junior too!) seemed to be the right thing to do.

    I did contemplate the pitchcroft thing (as i am from worcester) but having done it once before know how teious it is!

  • lurker. wrote (see)
    mondays are for recovery runs if you have raced

    Don't believe in recovery running. Now recovery sitting on my backside - that works for me!

    And what's the point of wasting a club night on a recovery run? Ah well, each to their own!

  • brian smith just put this on - since it is west mids i thought i would put it here
  • That hill looks appealing
  • blimey - i didn't look at it before i put the link on
    it looks horrible!!!!
  • I'm scared of heights. That picture makes me feel ill.
  • me too


  • Nick you're so right about the Pitchcroft race being tedious...I've done it 3 times now so thats 9 times I've run round that sodding course!

    I was 90 seconds off a PB so was most annoyed and threw all my toys out of the pram. Felt better after a Subway and some Fanta though

  • OK folks - your input please!

    Coventry Autumnal 5 on Fri 4th Sep or Lichfield 10k on Sun 6th?

    The Friday race would slot into the training schedule better, allowing a LSR on the Sunday, but my running buddy has already entered Lichfield. What do you think? I don't feel 'both' is an option, before anyone jumps in with that suggestion!

  • Rk thats a tough one - but am afraid if it were me I would be selfish and go with the Friday so I could stick to my training plan- but I'm a stickler for plans so depends on your flexibility really.

  • My vote would be for training plan. If you are training for something important then all the other races should come second to your training. Actually, I'm suprised you have time to train RK given the amount you race image
  • If you are going for a marathon at the end of the year, then now is the time to be starting on the LSR.
  • cov
    i keep saying what a nice course it is - you will fly

    plus i will probably be there

  • for those who have read back - i just did a race with my two older boys (and husband) boy1 whooped my ass again
    5k in 25.30 or something, not bad for a fencer and karate black belt who does no running
    i think some training is in order!!!

    i wish someone - not me - would do the parkrun thing in brum somewhere


    check it out - anyone fancy organising it?
    i just can't commit to every saturday morning
    it's free, they provide all the kit, but it need people to volunteer
    i would be prepared to do it occasionally but i don't want the responsibility every week as the boys do stuff sat am

  • R-K - how serious are the juniors? - i have looked at rowheath and they are only interested in people who can do x country - my eldest has dyspraxia so not sure if he would be up for that, he just wants to run

  • Lurker - I don't know much about our juniors - I think some are pretty serious T&F types, but I imagine they cater for all. I know they meet Tues & I think Thurs. I'll ask for a contact if you like.

    Good idea re parkrun, though I'm not sure I personally would want to do too many 5k races - the Rowheath series is enough for me. I certainly wouldn't be committing to too many Saturdays as I have a life...

    I'm beginning to lean towards Coventry over Lichfield...

  • thanks R-K, that would be great

  • Lurker - you should have RWmail... (I don't think Dave wants his number made too public)

  • therre are loads of pictures on the BvH site of the BRAC5k


  • Calling any ladies out there (there must be one or twoimage).

    Fancy a night out with a difference?

    No, it's not a chat up line - just wondered if any of you might be interested in a new event on the calendar. OK, it's not a run, it's a walk, but I figure I can get away with posting it on here as it is for charidee, after all. It's the Midnight Walk, in aid of Acorns Children's Hospice. It's on Saturday night 19th September through the city centre, starting and finishing at Millennium Point and taking in the Bullring, Centenary Square, the Jewellery Quarter and the Town Hall. Approximately 10km.

    It's on one of those rare weekends when I'm not racing, so I've volunteered to marshall.

    For more info see me or www.acorns.org.uk/midnightwalk.

  • R-K - might have been up for it but will be in Newcastle gearing up for GNR... good luck with it though image
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