Plodful and thankful feelings after the storm



  • hope Flr got some sleep
  • I've a feeling you like this toon anyway

    the Pastoral I mean, not just this movement

  • I do like the Pastoral - we played joyful feelings on arriving in the country (or similar) at Aged P's funeral
  • got a bit of sleep ta

    sadly flute lesson cancelled so will have to make my own entertainment today

  • yep

    thought there was an Aged P connection

  • off to w**k

    tata x

  • What storm? We had some dark clouds and one clap of thunder.

    I like the Pastoral anyway but prefer the 8th symphony of all Ludwig's symphonies.

  • drive carefully

    yes Aged P loved Beethoven

    should be able to answer the carb loading thread but can't get viral head straight to do it

    oh yeah

    I don't have to answer everything lol

  • trying to think what 8th sounds like

    we had a storm too

  • no 7th was my fave esp 2nd movement
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Who put b***ks in my rucsac?
  • yey Womble how's it going?  mwah
  • Still packing. Apparently she can't travel without her anvil collection....
  • sigh

    your ellipsis is too long...

  • is she shoeing horses en route?
  • ah the second mvt of the 7th is wonderful

    like the 8th too

    in fact all of them

  • gooooooooooooooooooooo Wombling one
  • still feel awful image
  • (((flr)))

    take it easy babe

    the 8th is the one that's smaller in scale and more light hearted than the other late ones

  • off to snig

    should really be sniging the 9th, but sadly not

  • bu&&er

    at least it's dry out there tonight

  • hope you enjoyed
  • I did ta
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