Extracating HRM data

Does anyone know how to get hold of raw data from a HRM? I have a Polar S410 which downloads via SonicLink to some very shonky software called PC Coach Lite. PC coach only produces very basic graphs and it would be useful if I could get hold of the rwa data and plot my own graphs, tables etc. The problem is that I've searched high and low for the data file and can't find anything. The DAT files don't seem to contain anything useful. Does anyone know a way of getting at the raw data? thanks


  • I have splashed out on the elite version of PC coach. Some of the additional functionality is better, but the software is still sub-windows standard. The good thing about the elite version is the greater ability to create your own workout schedules, I've created a few workouts but they need a bit of fine tuning. I have been in contact with their support desk and it isn't too bad, I get the hint of techieness so there might be hope for getting the location of those allusive data files. I have got a list of the data marcos stored in the data file, but I think you will be extremmely luckly to get them to explain how to translate the download as it isn't in their interest.
    As yet you are the only person to mention the software, I can't believe we are the only two people sad enough to download these files, hopefully someone else will pick up the thread as well.

  • Worry not, nerdy friends, I'm about to purchase a Polar S610 and believe me, I'll want to take the data apart bit-by-bit (pun intended).
  • I've been using a Polar Accurex Plus for years now (an old model !) which can be downloaded via a Polar link.

    It's great !! I confess to downloading almost every run I do, and use the Polar software to log distance, times etc as my log book. It's great for reviewing races, and also seeing if you were over or underdoing it.

    Graphing is pretty good, but I would like to be able to get basic data out of the package more easliy (eg a listing of run summaries).
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