The Daily Plod

shall we do a WAISTERS and just have one thread as the daily training thread seldom exceeds 50 posts any more?


  • vote now




    won't be offended btw just couldn't find the enthusiasm to do a snog title today

  • it used to be fun to do the titles but they're drying up a bit now
  • I don't see why not

    some mornings I can't be @rsed to think of a title for a thread in which no-one is going to post




  • morning btw

    been to Almost-a-shame... Man, shopped, dropped off laundry and scored some eye-drops

    the rest of the day is my own image

    going for a plod/wa*k once I've had a cup of coffee and a banananana

  • Whats 'waisters' please?

    (And I don't get a vote cos I'm not 'one of yours' if you see what I mean!)

    Sass xx  

  • the Working at it slowly thread, Sass

    vote if you like, Sass, we're not exclusive!

    maybe regular lurkers would like to join in?

  • I still chuckle at the time a few weeks ago when the thread was so late starting that Mouse started one so she could have somewhere to lurk

    we could still have a 'snog for the day' even if we just have a continuing thread

    if anyone wants one

  • have always enjoyed lurking on the daily thread.. image
  • image

    and would you still lurk if it was one long one?

  • 30 mins of W1/P4 plus warm down plod home

    ok so there was no difference between the warm down and the plod but you get the drift

    now to stre-e-e-e-e-e-e-tch cos I didn't on Sunday and felt it later

  • a morning at w**k

    really tired now

    but my exciting news is that if you look at streetview of my addy in google maps you can see me and trendy mum in lycra

  • yes I will lurk regardless image although I've been tempted out of my lurking by this thread!! might even post a bit more often if i'm feeling brave...

    (scampers off to hide)

    Mrs W

  • YES




    Though to be honest, I've never seen the training thread.

    I'm not feeling great. Will be going home for tea and a kip once I have finished a report I am writing. And I don't care if it is our department's AGM and BBQ this afternoon and that everyone will think I am anti-social if I don't go. At least they'll be thinking the right thing for a change.

  • woohoo

    Flr - that's even more impressive than seeing the pogeons on my balcony

    please be brave Mrs W - all are welcome here

    except those who just post to slag us off of course

    (((Floose))) - hope you feel better soon

  • YES


    Mrs Womble



    Ok, I'll be brave, and I promise I won't slag anyone off.. Far too much of a coward for that. Us wombles are only small you know image

  • but you're our second Womble image

    (now can think of endless Wombling song threads)

  • need to go charm Tee's GF's dad ... ok tummy in baps out...
  • +n

    just reassured GF's dad that my sister is an absolute tartar


  •  Sounds like a good idea - although the only training I do these days is in the swimming pool and tootling the oboe.



    Mrs Womble




  • how's the oboe tootling gloing Parddu?

    I do admire you for going back to it - too hard for me!

  • (sigh)

    that settles it

    a continuous thread would give us more practise at totps

  • Oboe is going fair to middling - am awaiting an audition date for the Access course at the College of Music and Drama but oboe is busy being temperamental (nothing new there) and needs an overhaul but I don 't want to send it to be overhauled in case I get an audition date all of a sudden.
  • yeah they're pesky little blighters like that

    if you don't oil their springs and tighten the screws they start popping pads in protest

    good luck for the audition

  • rather unfocussed and failing to pack for Aged M here
  • huh?? totally lost track of this thread now (scratches head...)

    supposed ro plod tonight but going out instead image

  • take it steady, flr

    enjoy yourself Mrs W

    don't worry - there are times when I haven't a scooby what's going on here

    oboe maintenance is far from the most eccentric thing discussed

  • why am I looking at races after 2 plods?
  • g'night x
  • hmm, white wine spritzer, garlic bread and lots of meringue for pudding image not exactly diet food..

    never mind - night all!

  • I'm quite happy with a "yes" as well

    Same thread tomorrow then?

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