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  • off to Snowdon to walk in the rain
  • hop hop hop
  • What rain?????

    You're at the wrong end of the country Flr.

  • enjoy Snowdon FLR - no sign of rain here tho.. supposed to be 30degrees today image
  • Snowdon?


    has been VERY hot today in Korwich

  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    Take care going up flr, enjoy going down image

    Only on week 2 of training Mr W, too early to say......*crosses paws* 

  • guess what

    Snowdon is lovely

    and Welsh
  • funnily enough I guessed both
  • Week 2????  I've only done one day....... and that was yoga image
  • wasn't raining then? image
  • morning

    hope it wasn't raining on the step either

    it's going to be hoooooooooooot out there in the community

  • Morning.

    Not run since rubbish 10K on Sunday. Perhaps I should clarify - the 10K was good, it was my performance that was rubbish.

    Speedwork tonight though and then the return of the bonkers but highly entertaining CSI Miami. image

  • oops sorry image (hops on step and hangs head in shame)

  • I've started introducing Pink to CSI.  We haven't watched Miami yet.  I love Horatio's "stop, remove sunglasses, pose, say something profound" moments image
  • Horatio is fantastic image I thought they'd killed him off though? - Mum womble said that he'd been shot.
  • Did he strike a pose as he died?  I can see it now, casually removing his sunglasses, striking a pose, staring at the gunman and saying "You may kill me but the evidence will hunt you down..." image
  • My mum said that they shot him through his sunglasses and that there was just a small hole in them - didn't shatter the glass of course - he's far too cool for that! image

  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭


    It's bl**dy hot in England, much hotter than back home!!

    Am sitting in the office with 2 fans on and am still sweating like a pig image

    3rd race out of 4 tonight but am waiting to see how my calf feels. Being the second week of my marathon training, if it's not right I am not risking it for a 5k.

  • Take it easy Sam.

    Horatio is brilliant. We love him in our house (well, I do). I am reasonably sure he isn't dead. They couldn't kill H, it would be a crime!

  • have actually gone and looked it up on Wilkipedia (how sad is that image) and apparently they shot him with a blank round so think he probably lives image - just needs to buy a new pair of sunglasses! That'll upset him...
  • I think he has a drawer full of sunglasses, all lined up neatly.

  • evening

    off to snig

  • have fun image currently eating a fab lolly  - very yummy!
  • I have had a takeaway curry delivered. Ah, the joys of singledom!
  • we went up and went down
  • applause


  • but was red hot and harder than expected
  • and I am hot burnt and sore now
  • and wishing coming away had sorted all my *issues*
  • left bobbis in bed to get a bit more
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