The Daily Plod



  • definitely time to meet at last image
  • off a plodding with rentadog B now

    was supposed to be 5 miles but I am already down grading in my head!

  • managed 60 minutes
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    *strokes flr's small furry thing*

    You'll be near dan dan and I, Yeo......image......we should find a race!!

  • I'm up for a group thing unless you prefer to leave it as a threesome?
  • writing questionnaires today - should improve my post count!
  • actually not as managed to fill morning by walking with rentadog B and buying fruit and veg - amazing how much extra food needs to be bought in order to eat more  healthily image

  • makes sense to me

    just had a very satisfying dump

    think I managed to get all the electricals, cardboard, paper and non-recyclables in the right places

  • Big Sis phoned while I was there

    apparently Aged M is calmer in hozzie today

    yesterday she managed to get to the ward phone, dial 999 and tell the police she was being held hostage


    she's had a brain scan this morning

  • oh dear

    (((Aged M)))

  • IS was on Radio Manc talking about Rape Crisis - they managed to call her Dr Kate Cross - Where are you Doktor Freud?
  • whereas I have eaten so much low fat veg soup and salad that I also anticipate a very satisfying ... ah no ... tmi
  • only managed 20 minutes' pilates this morning before work but hope to plod after work
  • Nephew 3 has just triggered international mourning by announcing the death of David Bowie on Facebook

    it's the cat

    But Aged M seems better

    seems she's been having v bad and confusng nightmares image

  • (((Yeo)))

    (((David Bowie)))


  • off for a plod before going to Kempton Market with Kid B
  • 4334

    and 5k plodded

  • well done on both counts
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    Lets do it in a big group flr, the more the merrier image 

    *hands out a belated small bow*

    ((((Aged M)))) oh dear Yeo, that's not good

    Been to see my uncle today, he has had parkinsons for some time but has begun deteriorating and is in hospital. He recognised me but is very muddled about past and present.

  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    Morning Plopals image
  • morning

    (((Sam and Uncle)))

    off up to the SYs soon

    2 job interviews tomorrow

  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    Oooh! Good luck Yeo!! Are you going for the same job you do now or different?

    *crosses paws*

    *wobble, wobble*


  • you can get up now Sam cos I got the job image

    well one of them

    DHHing of course

    I might've got the other one too, but they won't let me know till later

    and they were sh!te - offering way below the going rate for even DHH work

    and am I being old fashioned for taking  a dim view of being interviewed by someone chewing gum throughout?

  • depends whether they offered you a piece?
  • oeps learn to count fleur learn to count
  • 4343
  • imageand well done that DHH
  • I thank you

    I'm totally knackered this morning

    but will enjoy the conversation when I go to sign on later image

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