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  • i thought that was  a valid totp
  • me too
  • ah, the butt plug thread has gone

    I'm impressed it lasted as long as it did

  • yes I noticed that
  • also tired

    gave blood and one donation worker was saying to another that she had bought cakes but forgotten to bring them in, so I went to Tesco and bought cakes for the workers after I had donated - the woman who had forgotten the cakes was so touched she kissed me image

  • then walked rentadog B and ended up having lunch with his lady - oddly tired now so I think a post doantion old lady nap maybe occurring
  • sounds like a plan

    well deserved for such an act of kindness

  • always nice to have the chance to do small random act of kindness particulary  for NHS workers, and most especially involving cakes image
  • trying to think what food to take to holiday cottage apart from tea and beans
  • can't sleep

    lots going round my head including rentadog B's lady

    She had beast cancer last year  (oeps type +r), her mum died when Aged P did and her parents split up when she was 18, and she described her life as having been this catalogue of awful difficulties - is it just me but that does just sound like life? I know I don't know what the cancer thing is like but she's a year older than I am, has a husband and 3 healthy kids, a roof over her head ...

  • all of which does rather raise the Q - why do I care? She doesn't see the world the way I do - get over it. Maybe it is all just another example of the well documented ability for things to look off in the wee small hours? Or maybe we all want people to agree with us to reassure us of our rectitude which is why people surround themselves with people they broadly concur with, obsess about why x does this rather than that etc?
  • it is SO long since my nails looked like this I wonder if I contravene some sort of trades description act? Off to bed with Glenn Harrold.
  • bleeeeeeeerugh
  • He's not supposed to have that effect image
  • to be fair I was going at it so hard even Glenn couldn't work his magic
  • usually I find his relaxations good, but my mind was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO racy nothing helped last night
  • I think that may have been racing rather than racy?
  • dunno image
  • as far as the accuracy of avatars, it's a long time since I got my leg over
  • ah true

    ok I'll try not to fret too much then

    lentils on for lunch

  • do they suit me?

  • I must have a more industrious day today

    yesterday I did s*d all in the way of clearing, dumping, packing...

    tho' in my defence Monday was a day of 2 interviews, visiting Aged M in hozzie, then driving back to Korwich, so I think I had a right to be jacobsed

  • it occurred to me on the way back that I have 3 buttons on the radio preset to Classic FM to cover different parts of the journey

    and I know which hand drier in the gents at Cambridge Services doesn't work

  • lol

    Bobbis has favourite service stations based on hand driers - hands up anyone who is surprised?

  • fwiw she favours the dyson ones - although I think they are quite off putting if you ever look down into the bottom of them and see the muck in there
  • (idly googles "out more" and "get")
  • olive oil

  • .... to take on holiday.
  • ah thank you yes

    although also needed for foccaccia I am in the middle of making

    having for some reason decided this was easier than going to the shops

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