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  • morning

    we'll carry on then if we're all agreed?

  • and how come Mike's posting from jail


    they get everything these days

    'Dear D**ly M**l...'

  • I vote yes!  Morning all.  Cross-trainer done; now drinking tea.

    Sass xx

  • Morning!

    Womble is getting plastered

    but sends her love to all

  • and love to her too

    still going strong?

  • plastered? eek

    mwah Sass and Mrs Womble and boyz

  • think i'm w88king with lovely former team leader today image
  • I'm slaving away till 7 and then going for swimming lesson. This is not a good idea as it's my turn to w**k tomorrow and I'm playing the organ on Sunday. It's all or nothing chez Parddu.
  • Morning all.

    Been for a brief plod and now sitting at w**K eating birthday cake image

    Mrs W

  • is it yours Mrs W?

    and is it a big one?

  • not my birthday, but "helping" the birthday girl eat her cake..

    and yes it is a very big one! image

  • been for a curry with Aged M
  • which isn't bad as 3 weeks ago she was having 6 hours of neuro surgery
  • but I forgot to bring flutle music
  • good news about the curry

    B-i-L goes home next Tuesday

  • with enough help I hope?

    Windies a bit dull

  • I wish I remembered more about local pubs

    I'm trying to think of one that'll be showing the rugby tomorrow

  • think so about help - got news 2nd hand from Aged M

    but everyone is advising putting him in a home image

  • Aged M does annoy me a tad by going on about they cost of DHHs

    clearly we should w**k for nowt

  • -y
  • lol

    you should!

  • because my Aged M is so well she didn't need her DHHs after hospital

    would like to think of a way to thank them

  • that really is good news

    I know from personal experience that a note to their boss or SW is appreciated

  • ok have emailed to try to find address
  • thank you
  • so the woman who doesn't watch rugby advises the man who doesn't drink about pubs in a city she's never been to ... ain't the interweb grand?
  • lol


    I'm not sure I'll bother tbh

    I'm going to Almost-a-shame man this morning, then on to a choir rehearsal

    so I may just come home and listen to the wireless

  • sometimes listening is as much fun as watching
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