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  • Fountains is staggeringly beautiful

    v bad news day at w**k today image

  • Ah, (((Yeo))) that's pooh.

    I live in Lancashire but as it is north of the Ribble it used to be Yorkshire. I was born in Lancashire but I guess it's now Greater Manchester.

  • well

    it's all oop north innit?

  • hope everythings ok yeo image
  • I'm ok ta

    it's my client who isn't

  • aah, thats ok then.. well it isn't, but you know what i mean.
  • poo and bum, Yeo image
  • aw yeo

    hope it works out ok for him/her

    hello and goodbye

    i feel like i just got in but you guys are prob off out having a social life...

    speak soon

  • I'm not

    but I'm off to my pit soon

  • Back from swimming lesson - managed to dive and pick up a ring from the floor of the pool - I picked up one, the other 3 picked up 45 between them image

     I don't know whether anyone's seen this A happy budgie story - he and his owner have been reunitedimage

  • edit, parddu, edit
  • There was too much pussy hair in my laptop

    And it stopped working

  • gets everywhere doesn't it?

    morning all

    nice budgie story, Parddu

    have a good trip Flr 'n' Bobs

  • What was I supposed to edit?

    Confused budgie sits on step.

  • ah too late

    Flr was suggesting you edit your post to avoid a spell on the step

    off to w**k for the day, part 2

  • and back again

    you've all been waiting for me, haven't you...?

  • <tumbleweed>
  • hello - anyone here??

    <wanders off again>

  • no-one here but us plodders
  • hello image

    thought everyone was out - it being a saturday night and all that... been with my sister and her kids all day - i am NEVER having 4 kids... far too tiring..

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Hello! I've done about 360 miles now. I think.
  • Hey Womble! Great to see you.

    I'll have to check out the blog to see how you've been getting on the last few days

  • well done womble!!
  • morning
  • Morning Yeo

    I'm singing in the direction of Cardiff

  • no danger of us hearing it in Dornoch then

  • I'm a-warble too

    mainly in the hope that KP doesn't play silly bu&&ers again

  • the plod comeback continues

    3x P12 W1

    going far enough now to get on the shortest of my 'proper' plod routes, rather than just round and round the park

  • 00


  • (sigh)

    I didn't expect him to leave balls alone

    KP clean bowled

    where's the bliddy Welsh rain?

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