The Daily Plod



  • Sorry yeo, it all fell yesterday image
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all


    13.46m plodded today......image

  • phew

    no rain needed


    and brilliant plodding Sam!!!


  • morning

    up at stupid o'clock to take client to hozzie


    I already up and raring to go(NOT)I wish it the Weekend again.Oh Well Today will go quickly.Today serving customers and put Stock on Shelf's at Homebase? 

  • you always that noisy in the morning, speedy?
  • morning all - everyones up early today

    <yawns and goes to make a cup of tea>

  • <flollop>

    loooooooooooong and difficult day over

  • (((((yeo)))))

    Went swimming - what a virtuous budgie I am.

  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    Thanks Yeo......mwah!

    Unfortunately now, on top of all the upper back and neck problems, I seem to have developed lower back problems image All I did was get some milk out of the fridge and *twang* now I am shuffling like a shuffly thing. 

    I need to stop taking milk. 

  • (((((Sam)))))
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLR!!!!!!!!!!


  • < prepares the rack to stretch Sam's back >


    Is it her Buffday?  Have a fabulous one, babe image

  • Morning all

    Happy Birthday Flrimageimageimage

  • morning all - happy birthday Flr. imageimageimageimageimage
  • MHRs Flr!! imageimageimage
  • Take care, Sam, bending over is always risky...
  • We saw the calendar of the Northern Lighthouse Board in our room this morning -- slogan "not just lighthouses"

    TBH, I'd have been satisfied with the lighthouses...

  • Marketing, eh?

  • It says that amongst the other services they can provide are locating, lifting, and laying buoys.

    Popular with sailors, I'm sure. Womble looked quite keen when I told her too.

  • good grief

    have a bow


    is she nearly there yet?

  • Two days to go (38 miles ish)

    It's Wick-visiting time tomorrow

  • Help!!! I've got an oboe audition for the Access course at the Welsh College of Music and Drama a fortnight today and I'm hopelessly under-rehearsed. Major panics!!! imageimageimage

    I think I'm going to have to change one of my audition pieces too - even more panics!!!imageimageimageimage

  • eeek!

    sorry, that wasn't meant to be the sound of your oboe

    what are you playing?

  • (((Parddu)))
  • thank you for the kind wishes image
  • hey, Birthday Girl!!!


  • At the moment it's the first movement of the Corelli concerto and the first movement of the Poulenc sonata but I've only got a total of 7 minutes so the Corelli may have to go in favour of something shorter. I definitely want to keep the Poulenc.

    Off to my knitting group now to calm my nerves.

  • I used to play the Poulenc - yes you want to keep that in, it's lovely. And is the Corelli one of the ones that Barbarolli arranged for Evelyn Rothwell? If so I've played that but I'm more familiar with the Pergolesi.

    There must be something Baroque or Classical that's quite short and you already know or can learn quickly?

  • sorry people

    when oboists get together...

    and we haven't even started on the 2nd oboe part of Dvorak's 8th Symphony

    off for a snig instead

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