The Daily Plod



  • Well, if you stand on the step you'll get a better view...
  • Great Yarmouth


  • Another Womble is confusing me


  • Gorleston Cliffs...
  • oh right

    is there a link?

  • If it lets me put one in
  • I don't think anyone's explained TOTPs to Mrs W


    the aim is to post a double entendre at the top of the page, which should have some connection to ongoing conversation

    not just random smuttiness

    that would never do

    see some (but not all) of the last few totps for examples

    the reward for getting one is a small bow

    the penalty for missing it is a spell on the totp step of shame

    I hope that's clear?

  • A small bow from Sam's box no less
  • I should go to bed...
  • thanks Cooks, looks fun

    I might try one when I'm fitter

    I normally w**k Saturday mornings, but when my client's away...

  • g'night lovely plodders x
  • I think multiple Wombles is fab!
  • lol Mike


  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    I bet you do, MikeFrog image

    Morning all


  • lol


  • waiting in for NOO PHONE - same number but we finally got OWTS to give notice on the account last week so I could take it over - only 2 years after first asking him image
  • which means I can upgrade my handset - was using very old falling apart one having dropped one in water a year or so ago

    not interesting, but true

  • OK fixed up a visit from Best Friend too
  • she said she doesn't mind popping over to give me one later today
  • lol

    don't know with whom I'm w**king today

    hope it's lovely former team leader, but I've a feeling it won't

  • everything crossed

    Kind Friend now also giving me a visit

  • Morning

    I have a picture of Raffles in a pinny if you are interested, flr?


    you are kidding

    is he back now then?

  • Yep. Safe and sound. will send the piccie once I have uploaded it from the camera image
  • still waiting for phone here ... I have a feeling I know where this is headed
  • I got away for the weekend and it all changes image


    I thought I was your pinny man, flr.  Or do you ask all the blokes for a pic?

  • erm image

  • don't think I ever got a pic of you as Mother Nature intended... in nothing but a pinny?
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