The Daily Plod



  • greek salad, pitta and oj for lunch - yum
  • PB and banana butty here - yum yum

  • yum yum?

    you're holding her hostage?

  • BTW isn't irreverent spelt irreverent?

    And, yes Mr Cookles, I have joined the ParkRun family. I did do my first one in Leeds in November. There's a new one in Heaton Park so I thought I'd lend my support. I had a great time even though the weather was very Mancunian.

  • LOL. She is very tastey.

  • irreverant if you are ranting image
  • What if you're a rent boy?
  • I had Greek salad in Greece on Saturday image
  • boring ham sandwich and a trip to tesco's for me today image

  • Left over pasta salad, cherries and strawberries from my garden and an apple (kindly provided by Mr Sainsbury for a small fee).

    Body Combat done. Might go for a gentle 3 miles tonight too.

  • did you eat it on the step?

    if we're doing lunches, corned beef rolls and an orange

    I know how to live

    didn't w**k with lovely former team leader, but with one of the regular subs who at least knows what she's doing

  • back from PT and pub
  • hope the PT didn't put people off their beer
  • got new phone (same no. ) so can everyone text me telling me their name so I can store their number - cos I is lazy!
  • ok
  • ty

    how you?

    I got




  • oeps

    on TO Do list that is

  • I'm fine ta



    for me

  • although now can't get phone cos Bobbis is playing with it image
  • Off to yoga.  Thanks for rolling pin tip.  Golfball-sized lump in calf has turned into sciatica and last night a huge drawer full of food fell out of the freezer onto my hand, so I now have a very sore wrist!  Other than that it's all going terribly well image.

    Sass xx 

  • ouch Sass!

  • well at least you could ice it immediately image
  • Morning all.

    Sun is shining out of a cloudless sky.image

    I'm a busy budgie today - quilting, physio, then knitting group this evening. Keeps me out of mischiefimage

  • nice hour plodded
  • toast and cocoa now
  • Morning All

    Was supposed to plod this morning but stayed in bed instead.

    Had one of those nice Muller Choccie yoghurts for my breakfast image

    Mrs W

  • not had them?

    it's warm out there

    off to get bleached streaks put in hair cos feel a bit frumpy

  • Morning!


  • Afternoon.

    Escaped training now back to proper work. Hmm...maybe training was preferable?

  • Yeo, Mr W and Floosie have all given me one but I was hoping for more...
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