RW Nicknames

 What made you come up with your nickname that you post under on here??


  • i like honeybees
  • Plod on the road
    Plod on in life

    Kind of like "Just Keep Swimming"
  •  My nickname is Akie due to my surname and I have a pretty good sprint finish (not beaten yet down the final stretch.......for now)
  • Caz as thats what everyone calls me unless they're mad at me and then I get my full name and Soul from Northern Soul which is my fave music... Have used the same name on all the forums so it isn't anything to do with running.
  • I live near an amazing park which has diverse terrain and is great for running.

    I resemble a squirrel.

    I like the Blur album.

  • Hello Caz - I love Northern Soul too. image
  • Hello Parkie - Was just saying to my friend the other night we are going to have to go out for a right good boogie... I haven't slid on some talc or got disorientated as I've spun cos I've had too much beer in ages.
  • I quite like ducks

    And I like the idea of people "ducking"

  • I like the name seren and when i'm running a stupid song the kids sang in nursery keeps coming into my head.............seren nos yn canu.............

    so  seren nos..............night star

  • "The Hoose Goer" was based on a Laurel and Hardy film "The Hoose Gow" (american slang for jail or house of ill repute. As I am a L&H fan and go out of the hoose to run -the name made sense.

    ooh Caz -went to Wigan Casino aged 14 and later when the did Rock and Roll nights-what great music and great days.

  • I always wondered about Hoose-Goer, thought it was something to do with first footing.
  • I had a dream last night that someone started a fred asking people why they chose their forum name.  Spoo-keh! 
  • LTS (Life's Too Short) - Because it is! Time seems to fly past when you get older image

  • I'm too young for Wigan but my friend used to go...  A pub just within spitting distance of me used to have a regular Northern night but then the DJs seemed to start competing to see who could play the rarest most obsuce record that nobody had heard of ever and it died a death image  Total bummer, cos it was late bar & cheap beer.
  • I am actually made of gingerbread and am also a ninja - my avatar is actually a photo of me.

    Only kidding, I took the name from a Wii game - I thought it was so funny!

  • I make quilts when I'm not loitering on here (and cushions/curtains/blinds etc) and I'm not as slow as I was 3 years ago.

    Although not quite up to 6 miles in 35 minutes...yet image

  • I own 10 Co-ops.
  • goldbeetlegoldbeetle ✭✭✭
    My first car was a VW Beetle and it was Gold
  • It's my official job title!
  • ah, it's just the phonetic alphabet for my initials, simple really.
  • Pingu was taken.

    Pongu was taken.

    I ran out of ideas ....

  • They wouldn't let me take Stud muffin due to reasons of honestly and I couldn't use any of the names people who know me because of rudeness.image
  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭
    I had red hair which I wore in 2 plaits ...
  • Mine is a a nickname that an ex used to call me.  In it's original form it is quite rude, but it got modified through time and became something that could be said out loud and in public.  When I joined here, I could  not think of any other name to use image

  • I love cows, and I have a massive collection of all things bovine!image
  • Hail Hail

    I watch Celtic.  I run.  Therefore I am.

  • I destroy things.
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