shin splints

I'm suffering from shin splints if I run more than a couple of times a week. 

I'm currently running in a pair of mizuno's. after testing my gait in the shop the lady who was serving me showed me my gait on the pc and explained how I'm a neutral runner.  from looking on the mizuno web site I've found that the shoes which I bought come under the 'stability' section and not the neutral.  could this be a cause of my shin splints? 

Also could anybody tell me if I'd be better off visiting a physio or a Podiatrist? I can't really afford to be paying for the wrong treatment.



  • Too many specific questions in your post to answer!

    It's possible your shoes aren't right for you but go back and discuss with the shop who sold them. They can see your feet and your gait.

    (People get shin splints for many other reasons than their shoe type)

    Phys vs pod:   I saw both and the pod provided orthotics. I'd start with a phys because they 'should' suggest a pod if they think it would help.........but there may be other causes of your shin splints which a phys could/should advise on

  • Probably not the answer you are looking for but, I suffer from shin splints pretty bad, however I visited my inlaws in France last week and went for a run round the local vineyards - not a single pain in my shins whatsoever, it was fantastic. From the foreseeable future i'm going to run on soft ground only.

  • Thanks for those.

    I'm gonna take Pigs' advice and go and see a physio, I've got a recomendation for one from a friend so fingers crossed. 

    I've been doing some cycling but I've been laying off the running completely, not even doing the parkrun this week.

    Hopefully I won't have to resort to off road running as I don't particularly like it.  Although I imagine running round some vinyards in france might make it more enjoyable.

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