Sunday 21st June 2009

# You're the right one, baby

Should have gotten yesterday's, really

NZC, just not very chatty yesterday eve, that's all.

Quite enjoyed the euro athletics cup on telly last night, hope today is fun too

sharkie - any bets on when brit boys are going to get a relay sprint home properly? Just bad luck yesterday, granted.

What: 10 miles d&d
Why: LSR wannabe
Last rest: yesterday
Last hard: ?

Hope Imskito is up for some playing in the pool today. Always knackers me out more than him though... 

Edit: Lyrics shoud have been "I can see by..."


  • Mornin all 

    40 Mins - excellent Lyrics and link yesterday - Psycho would be proud - (Not sure about todays).

    Ar5e report - improving, nearly better i think. A few easy miles possibly - leave for another hour to see how things warm up. Patience...............................   Ceal, Thanks for the warning yesterday (spasm - i'll be monitoring) 

    TT - the new Hurling force of the East are out today against Wexford - going across to KK to watch with the family - big one for the Dubs - and I know too many people from Wexford - I work and live there so we cant lose. Tipp are out today too - Munster semi - I tip Tipp this year - dont know if you have access - i'll give you a report from "Sunday Game tonite". Galway gave KK a good run last night but came up short - someone's got to beat them sometimeimage

    Happy Fathers day Fathers

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Yes bad luck to the relay boys yesterday.

    all the dads - hope you ave a good day today

    What: 8-9 miles
    Why: shorter long run
    Last Hard: Wednesday
    Lyrics - i'm lost

    Anyone racing today - best of luck
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Morning all, and long time no see. Not been on for a couple of weeks...not much to report (short steady run each day), been extremely busy at work (teacher: 2 Ofsteds...currently working in a chirch school so we get a religious ofsted as well; writing reports; applying for jobs/interviews etc).

    What: about half an hour later
    Why: because I want to
    Last hard: Will have to check...not this month, for sure
    Last rest: Dec 24

    Lyrics: don't be silly

    Advice? I have been walking (and running) around with three dislocated vertebrae in my neck for the last couple of months (probably healed, incorrectly, now). Anyway, on Tuesday I am having facet joint injection at C5/6. Anyone out there have any experience of this, success rate etc? Physio will follow after a couple of weeks. It really has been a bit of a pain: running jars, as does the slightest bump when drivin, and my neck keeps "locking" when working on the computer/marking books etc. Sign of age, I guess: "mild degeneration of the discs" with normal "cervical lordosis" replaced by a "mild kyphosis"!

    Anyway, where is Clink? Went to a local 5k last night to support friends, 5th of a series, and I know she was at a couple of the earlier ones.

     Have a good day, as I painfully return to writing reports!

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Morning folks.

    Thank you ceal. At the moment I'm going through the 'worse before it gets better' phase, but I can deal with that as I've been there so often I know the various phases and how it progresses.

    AF - that's it in a nutshell. According to my doc it typically manifests itself as a virus and basically the stomach lining gets wiped out (hence why nearly every food is causing me to bloat up at the moment). Additionally I'm still getting some of the other symptoms you'd typically associate with a virus (headache, etc), so bit of a nuisance at the moment.

    Nice one Blisters image

    TmR - how are you feeling now compared to last week, fresher?

    Paddy - good luck v Wexford. An update would be most appreciated as I have no access. Cheers. Re: KK, these things go in cycles (I remember we were dominant for years - a very long time ago image ), but KK are really dragging out their 'turn'.

    Early reports coming in from the Ridgeway Relay says we're about 1.5minutes up after 3 legs. Given how I'm feeling at the moment I'm hoping they can keep building that gap as I do feel rubbish. Tbh, if it was an individual event I wouldn't even bother going. Still I've got a few hours before I'm due to run, so still time for things to improve, so fingers crossed!

    What: Ridgeway Relay leg 9 (10.x miles) with a few easy miles either side of it.
    Why: taking one for the team image
    Last hard: getting up this morning (was going to do a recovery run, but got up, then went back to bed as I  felt rubbish).
    Last rest: yesterday.
    Lyrics: Nope.

    Woken up by Jr a little later who is very excited about Father's Day. He's having major difficulty with the concept of surprises! He was trying to tell me what they're cooking for my surprise dinner later whilst Mrs TT was trying to shush him. Very funny image

    Have a great day all! image

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    Ouch alehouse. Hope the injection does the job.
  • mavamava ✭✭✭

    morning all.

    alehouse - ouch indeed.  Fingers crossed it works

    Happy fathers day to all dads out there.  A complete non-event in this household as we have no kids and neither of us has a dad still with us.

    What: 10.3 miles "L"SR
    Why: I seem to recall I've entered a marathon
    Last hard: last week
    Last rest: 16 Feb

    Reasonably pleased with that run.  It was slower than I would have liked and HR started creeping up towards the end but it was comfortable overall.  Legs still know about last Sunday but not too badly.

    Have a good day.

  • Morning All

    The mara yesterday was the Picnic an entertaining little number with around 7000ft accent and getting on for 1000 steps. Pretty pleased with my time of 4:46 which was 2:23 at halfway so pretty much level splits and not even a PW image

    What: 8M maybe
    Why: To top the ton for the week (but my legs are pretty stiff so might not) 
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Lyrics - Nope

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    well done Joe at the picnic, thats another on my "to do" list...
    Alehouse - yikes
    Had physio Friday, gave me some stretches to do to strengthen ankle. I pronate a bit and have a high arch (more so on my right foot), but nothing much to worry about. Think I said it doesnt hurt at all, I just get strange niggles from time to time.
    Yesterday fancied some speed, so did an out and back ~6 miler on road. Ran out in just under 21 and back in just over 19. Total time was just 9s down on my pb for that route and that was from the summer 6 years ago when I ran 3 or 4 10ks all under 40 mins...So despite an aching body and the odd niggle there may yet be a pb somewhere in my bag of tricks...
    Today - 1h30 offroad with a pal of mine. Easy conversational pace when the world was put to rights several times over. 

    Enjoy the weekend, and happy fathers day for the boys with offspring!
  • mavamava ✭✭✭

    Well done Joe!

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Hope all goes well for you at Ridgeway, some challenge you have there!

    What:  13.5 miles
    Why:  LSR
    Last hard:  Today
    Last rest:  6 days
    Lyrics:  No

    Longest run since October, hard work from 11 miles, but that's how endurance is regained.

    Easy run tomorrow.

  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    sounds nasty I hope the injection does the trick for you.

    A tough mara, I find a flat one tough, so respect given where respect is due, meaning you.

    I know what it is like to put one's mind over matter ie running over stomach, when being afflicted. All the best for the relay, I am sure you will pull something out. 

    good running everybody else.

    What 7.5 miles, with 5 of them at 7.46 m milling.
    Why 'cause I have to!
    Last hard: last Sunday
    Last rest:yesterday 

    I picked up a slight hamstring pull last Sunday, one has a price to pay for everything it seems. I cannot do any speed work, so trying to keep within the comfortable limits. Have had treatment, hoping it repairs quickly.  

  • Afternoon all,

    RFJ:  Nice piece on your mara in the Andover ad.

    alehouse:  Sounds a bit grim!  Hang in there.

    Mava:  That about sums up father's days here too.  And it's slightly weirder as the step-kids are about my age.

    JH:  Well done at the picnic.  You're cranking them out like hippo. 

    Dustin:  but did he book you in for another 1o sessions ad 50 quid a pop? image

    ceal:  You run maras too?

    Where is clink?

    • What:  22m
    • Why:  It's sunday, and it get a little quicker every week.
    • Last Hard:  1/1
    • Last Rest:  15/3

    Have a good one!

  • Happy Father's day anyone that may apply to!  Otherwise, Happy Sunday!

     TT - hope the Ridgeway leg went ok.  Hate waking up feeling like that, but good of you to tough it out for the team in spite of it

    Joe - nice run at the Picnic marathon, sounds anything but a picnic!!!

    Ceal, hope the hamstring repairs quickly too for you

    Alehouse - sounds nasty.  Don't know too much, but think facet joint injections can have very variable effects, can give brilliant relief to some, little if anything for others.  Hope the pain subsides

    • What:  30 mins recovery with mum
    • Why:   Recovery
    • Last hard:  yesterday
    • Last rest:  last Sunday

    'L'SR yesterday was 11.1 miles in 1:28:30 (running out in 1:30).  Started out quite sluggish but then from 3 miles on got to a more steady 7:30-8:00 pace.  Longest I've ran since marathon at the start of May, so good to be starting to build the endurance back.  Takes me up to around 54 miles for the week, which is also a highest since early-mid April.

    Nice running going on!  Hope it's a good day for all!

  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    yes I have run 2 marathons, hated them both. The 2nd was London, did good in my age-group (2nd) But didn't do the distance justice, had cramp big time and have no wish to repeat experience.

    thanks and good mileage from you this week.

    Are you still trianing for a marathon, I can't remember what you are doing in Lahti, 5k and discus I thought, but your training looks like it is more  geared to marathon training at the moment.

    I wish the BBC would finish the Grand Prix  chatter and get on with the Athletics, it is now becoming very boring.

  • hello

    i too have been away for a while, but havent stopped running and racing

    I have a few silly mileage targets, so hope posting on here may give me the kick my ample rear that i need

  • oh yes

    7 miles on the tready and will be going out for a little leg stretcher after i have driven back to Cardiff

  • Afternoon all,

    Popped out for 6.5M this morning before walking round to son's girlfriend's flat where a Father's Day lunch was prepared for me by the two of them - lovely!

    Not sure why, but I seem to have an attack of DOMS.  Not quite clear how that happens when you maintain a regular 6x a week running schedule, but my thighs are rather stiff/sore.  I did have a couple of unscheduled days off last week, but that shouldn't matter, should it?

    Anyway, will keep running.  Soon be time to start lengthening the long run again in preparation for autumn half-marathons.

    Take care.

  • alehouse, I'd rather see an ostoepath, than have an injection

    TT,  I think the problem was I was doing too little rather than too much.  Coach had suggested cutting down the miles to improve quality, and I'd gone along with it, but I can never run well (feels like muscles not firing properly) the day after a day off, or straight after a massage, or indeed after an easy day, so running short, easy on Wd, was leaving me soggy for Thurs, and same on Fri, for Sat session.  Rebelling now, and feeling much better for it.

    Ceal, the marathon has always been my main event, and the only one in which I can hope to be competitive; the 5000m and/or discus are (for me) about taking part, and feeling part of the event.

    ph, welcome back; will be nice to have you around a bit more

    What:  am 21.4ml;  discus practise;  later: c 5ml run to gym and back with weights session in middle
    Why; see above

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    TMR, interested in your view! Have had MRI scan and seen a consultant spinal surgeon. He, two docs (one of whom is a sports medicine specialist) and a physio all have gone down the facet injection route!

    Good running from yourself and I note from one of your coaches other proteges on the TV!

    Welcome back PH...we must both post more often!

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Thanks AF, cant be much to report if the club are putting that in.... but one for the scrap book never the less

    Well done Joe

    Ouch indeed Alehouse (PS Jnr has a placement at last!!!!!!)

    What - Short LSR 13.25m
    Why - Starting to build back up
    Last hard - Tues
    Last rest - Fri

    Take care

  • alehouse, of course they would !
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    RFJ: good to hear about junior...when? E-mail if you wish!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Alehouse - hope it all works out well for you.

    Hope Tipp Top had a good run in the relay.

    Joe Hawk - sounds like you enjoyed the "Picnic".

    Jason - love the recovery  run with your Mum - neat you've got a running family.

    Ceal - my husband was up in the middle of the night watching the motorsport - I'm sure he wouldn't  have been happy if they'd switched to the athletics before iit finishedimage My son said he was watching the qualifying and they switched to the rugby - Lions v SA.

    Not fathers' day here, but happy fathers'  day to all the fathers on the thread.

    What: 15k up huge hills, over farmland,   had a bit of everything in it - road, bush, steps, mud, fences, and finished on black sand into a huge head-wind - very happy to finish. Heel reacted badly afterwards, fine during the run.

    Good running everyone.

  • TT,

    Report on todays game here: (i hope it works):

    Thru to the Munster Final  - But Only Just. Meanwhile the Dubs won through against Wex to win the dubious prize of a Leinster final spot against KK. The first Leinster final for 18 years!!! The Hurling force of the East is Rising!!! All Ireland quarter Final at least now - thats major progress.

    Tense affair, more-so as the kids were causing uproar - mad decision to bring a 2 year old and 5 year old to the game!!!. OH had to bring them out at Half time!!!.

    On the ar5e front i had an easy 7 miles this morning and no apparent reaction - fingers crossed in a few more days things will be back to normal.

    Keep on runnin!!! 

  • Ended up doing a half mara training run in 1:48 , legs where very reluctant to start with but got going after the first mile or so and was running at 8:15 pace pretty comfortably. Quads are pretty tight so didn't really like the downward slopes but other thasn that felt OK.

    Looks like my worries about the Picnic interupting training have been put to rest. image

    TT - I hope the Ridgeway went well

    Good training all. 

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Evening folks.

    Cheers Paddy. I always like to get one over on Clare in particular. Thank God for Brendan Cummins. We're in big trouble when he retires! Congrats to ye as well. That is some turn-around in fortunes, but as you know yourself you've got a huge ask in the final!

    Nice one on another mara JH. Tough course from the name/time I assume?

    ceal - hope that hammy heals up quickly.

    TmR - sounds you're like me, the more aerobic the better, with tight control on the other stuff - I think that's why the Lydiard approach suits me, the 'other stuff' has a limited time span. Glad to hear you're feeling better though.

    AF - CD was on the same leg as me today (though thankfully nowhere near me as he had a stormer!).

    NZC - I've got a much better appreciation for those kind of runs after today. I'd never run any kind of trail before the recce on Wednesday evening (bar a very odd mile or two here or there), so hadn't fully realised quite how much concentration is required when you go off-road.

    Right, the Ridgeway. Tbh, I really really shouldn't have been there as my temp was well up all day, but figured I'd dope up a bit and see how I got on. During warm-up, to put it politely, I was sweating like a pig wrapped in tinfoil on a hot summer's day so one of the guys had a word and told me to take it as easy as I needed to without doing myself damage and not to worry if I was overtaken.

    Needless to say, as soon as I was tagged I just thought 'Sod it' and figured I'd run as fast as I could for as far as my legs would manage and then worry about getting to the end...... All was going pretty decently, and then I took a wrong turn and ended up sticking an extra 1/2m on.

    Up until I got lost I was still managing to hold a sub-6 average despite my legs feeling like 2 lumps of lead, but then I got a bit flustered as I was really worried about being able to keep it together until the end of the leg (stomach was all over the place and was starting to feel the effects of the high temp). At the end of it I found out that I had started the leg with a lead of 6mins 40s, and despite the 1/2m detour still managed to extend our lead to 7mins 50s.

    The splits should give an indication of the terrain: 5:13, 6:53, 5:53, 6:21, 5:51, 5:43, 5:22, 5:55, 6:58, 7:01, 6:45, 56 (for the .16 at the end of it).

    All in all, a great day. The rest of the team done great and we ended up winning in ~9h 35mins image

    w/u and c/d brought up 17m for the day, and 120m for the week, so not too bad for my first week back image

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Great stuff, good to see those big hills reducing you to slower than my race pace - albeit briefy!
    Hope you recover well from your lurgy, and the relay.

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