London to Brighton tapering

Last Sunday I did what I planned to be my longest run - 36 miles from Stafford to Wolverhampton and back along the canal towpath - a very nice run by the way. It took me 5 hours 30 mins on an uneven path with stops to eat and pee.

I'm planning my last very long run this Friday (30m) followed by the Lake Vyrnwy half on Sunday. Then for the last two weeks I'll taper down as if for any other marathon.

Is that about right? What do you think? Sorry for repeating myself. I put this on the training forum but I seem to be alone on this race. Someone out there must have done it.


  • Hi Ian,
    I am not doing London to Brighton,but i live in Crawley,on the route of the race,and will be coming out to cheer everyone on.
    Just to wish you good luck and have a good day.
    Whats your number? I will give you a shout as you pass.

    Cheers, Steve
  • Hi Ian, I too will be cheering in Purley about 3/4mile after the big Tesco store. Let me know your number and the time you expect to be there (must be about mile 15ish) and I'll give you a huge cheer.
  • Hi Ian hows it going? Good luck with L2B its a long way. I did it last year in those terrible weather conditions. I said I would never do it again without training for it, so I am missing this year. I must admit that a 36 and a 30 in the same week(even the same month) could be classed as overtraining. With only 3 weeks to go you may be pushing your luck with recovery. This is a very individual thing that only you can judge. The effects of it may be felt later in the race when damaged tissue is under stress. It is arguable that you would benefit from such long runs so close to an ultra. Even if you feel good, which you do when your training is going well, your muscles can take several weeks to recover from a long run even though you have no soreness. You may be better off doing just shorter runs up to 10 to 15 mls and nothing hard in the week before. You need to be comfortable more than you need to feel sharp. Like I say it's a long way. Good luck, I hope the weathers good for you. And don't worry about Ditchling it's not too bad, but remember there's another hill after it, they don't tell you about.
  • When doing comrades this year(87 km) I noticed that coaches differ on how to taper. About 4 or 5 weeks before the race I did my last long 60km run. Look on for a suggested tapering program. You will have loads of energy in the 2 or 3 weeks b4 the race and might think you are putting on weight. Plse ignore these feelings. A clubmate of mine did a 60km run 10 days before comrades and he blew on race day. Rather undertrain than overtrain say the experts. Good luck mate. Plse tell us how it went.
  • Thanks for the advice. On balance I think Andrew and Patrick are right. I think I am overdoing it a bit - anxiety I suppose. I know that my poor old legs are feeling very tired today. So, I'm going to knock the 30 miler on the head in favour of 2 days off then run the Lake Vrynwy half just for a bit of fun. Then taper as on the comrades website. Thanks again for that.

    I don't know my number yet. But I'll be the only one wearing a Stafford Harriers vest (yellow with 2 vertical black stripes down the left-hand side and Stafford Harriers written on it. If the weather is bad I may be wearing an Asics running jacket - light & dark blue). I'm also tall - 1.9m with dark short hair.

    I'm planning to do about 9 minute per mile. So I'll be about 10 miles (Croydon) at 8.30. It would be great to see any support at all. Thanks comrades.
  • I know this is a bit late to help you with tapering but I've only just read you're message. I've run Brighton 6 times along with sveral other ultras and I us usually taper in a similar way to a marathon. I hope you didn't do the 2 30s in one week. I did the Wolverhampton Marathon followed by 35mls in stages of a relay on the South Downs Way and have done only normal training since. Unfortunately I've developed a back problem through doing too much in the garden!
    I'm hopeful that Iwill be running, if I do I'll look out for you at registration.
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