Post Ironman - what next?

What are people planning to do with all their spare time after their Ironman this year?

I'm looking forward to just having a few hours exercise a week, my weekends back, 'easy' training for the Cardiff half...

Oh and working out what the hell my next 'challenge' may be, seeing as this year was meant to be an easy one after I got fed up of the long (that's what I thought at the time) training hours for marathons!

And drinking more!!! image


  • hanggliding
  • Sounds too scary to me - I like to keep my feet on the ground (or in the water)
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    don't sit back and do feck all or you will end up like JD.......... image

    take a couple of weeks out with some gentle tickover stuff and then decide what to do

    or do what others have done/will do - target another event now and enter so at least you can use some of that fitness you have built up. would seem a shame to waste it......
  • haha, yes i discourage you from doing nothing and putting on 4-5 stone.

    sadly hanggliding has been vetoed by the other half.  so it'll be a decent VLM for me.  i will also attempt to keep up the swimming and biking.  after actually enjoying sunday's cyclosportive i think it might be possible.  maybe i'll start treating cyclosportives as a challenge to train for as opposed to a training event.

    really i just want to run i guess.

  • Running and cycling is what I do in my spare time and I enjoy most of my training for IM so I don't really see it as having to do anything. However, I'll take the opportunity to do some cycling without my HRM / GPS over routes I don't know so well when it doesn't matter if I have to keep stopping to map read, take wrong turns or to admire the view. Or do a three hour ride punctuated with a 2 hour icecream/cake/lunch stop. Or do a bit od mountain biking.
  • oh yeah mountain biking.  got one through the cycle to work scheme.  so far it's cost me about £100/hour of cycling.
  • lol JD.  I like the idea of some mountain biking, and cycling with some cake shop breaks.

    I think the pressure of making sure I get the hours in has diminshed my enthusiasm for getting back on the bike after IMCH, other than commutes.  But maybe with some more leisurely rides, this will get me out more.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    and yes to getting on the MTB - off roading and getting muddy is good for the soul........
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    A possible alternative challenge in 2011 would be Paris Brest Paris - it's about 1200k on the bike with a 90 hour cut off. 
  • After seeing some of those pics from the Bala H-IM i think i'm going to do the Standard there in Sept,

    just looks a great place to do an event.

    This will give me a Kick up the *rse after my 2 weeks off image after IMCH and thus give me some focus ( hopefully )

  • Having nothing planned after IMDE (2006) meant I JD'd (to coin a phrase) and had great difficulty getting the mojo back.  This time I've got the royal parks half mara, a sportif in Dorking in August and the new Bustinskin half IM (late Sept) to target. 

    Next year is still under construction, but will involve (whispers) actually going a little quicker.  I'm fairly certain someone will be along at some point with a link to something that floats your boat (Vasaloppet, RAAM, cross channel swim etc)   

  • oh i'd like to do a sub30 10TT.  might aim for that as i can do alot of the training for it on a turbo which'll fit in nicely with my life at the moment.

  • JD. wrote (see)

    oh i'd like to do a sub30 10TT.  might aim for that as i can do alot of the training for it on a turbo which'll fit in nicely with my life at the moment.

    The turbo is your friend - for a short time anyway!

  • I've got to decorate my house - am toying with the idea of using wallpaper for the first time in years ............. and the garden needs a little attention too! image But mostly, I will be baking cakes. image

  • I'm going to build on all this base fitness I've got and beat my 25 year-old half-marathon pb of 1:29 at the Great North Run.
    I'll try getting a good-for-age time at the Frankfurt Marathon of sub-3:15.

    I'll restrict myself to a couple of half-IMs next year with the intention to get under 5 hours.

    Won't have time (or motivation) to train for another full IM for a good few years, and unlike IMCH won't be able to accept a just-finish strategy for the next one.

    And most importantly, spend the summer messing about with the kids on their bikes, in the pool, in the hills without worrying about how I'm going to fit that days training in.

  • im thinking of doing a 10k OW swim latter this year image
  • Weirdo !
  • MarkF, with targets like that for your half marathon and marathon times, you're clearly, sand bagging like a mad thing with your predicted finish time at IMCH!
  • Orca.... just seen this.... and definitely no sandbagging from me image.... I can run, I just can't do it after cycling as my 2 hour half-marthon time  at the end of my half-IM two weeks ago proves.... I seriously believe I'll be walking most of the marathon..... and I'm a truly crap cyclist to boot.
  • Already done 3 marathons and 2 ultra's this year and the MDS so, after IMDE it's IMCH and then 100 mile event in connemara in August and then another (short) ultra in November then pacing for Dublin marathon, then I may have a wee break image I actually want to stay up past 10pm at some stage.
  • decided to concentrate on running for a few to break the 4:30 marathon time in the next year.........its been bugging me
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