What to do/eat in run up to 10K and half marathon?

Just wondered what advice anyone could give on lead up (days/weeks before) to 10K (2 weeks time) and half marathon (Sept), in terms of food/exercise...do I run day before race, what should I be eating day before/morning of race etc?

 Any suggestions warmly welcomed image


  • it depends on each individual.  for a half mara my training schedule usually peaks about 3-4 weeks before the race and then is a little easier mileage wise.  i wouldn't normally alter my mileage for a 10km too much - the only difference would be the interval sessions may be shorter reps and my longest run would be 9 rather than 15miles.  i eat as normal for both distances.  no need to carbo load.  training wise i tend to have an extra rest day 2 weeks before and have 2 days off prior to a race.  my last speed session is usually about 5 days before the race but wouldn't be overly hard. 
  • Drink plenty for a couple of days before to make sure you are hydrated.  I do make sure I have lots of carbs the day before for both distances and I make a big batch of scotch pancakes and eat them for supper the day before and breakfast on race morning.   Then a banana just before the start.

    Make sure you try anything new in training first - don't leave it til race day.

  • What about energy drinks, bars, gels etc? Have you considered/tried them and, if you have tried them, do they make any difference?


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    I don't do anything special for a 10k.
    I don't cycle to and from work a day or two before a half. I certainly back down the training the week before but I'll still swim though carry my legs more than usual.
    Staying hydrated is important. I wouldn't carb load for either distance.

  • I ease off a fair bit. I don`t run for at least the 2 days before the race. Eat well but you don`t really need to `carb up` for a 10k. It is really important to be well hydrated for the few days before.
  • no need for bars or gels in a 10km.
  • 10K - ease up on training a bit a week before, don't run the day before.

    Half mara - ease up on training 2weeks before, don't run at all for two days prior.

    Hydration is the most important thing, make sure you drink plenty in the 1-2 days prior to the event. Food-wise - carb up a bit for the half, but don't worry too much about the 10K. You'll have plenty of glygogen in your muscles for that. Make sure you have tried your pre-race breakfast several times so that you know that you're eating stuff that doesn't upset your stomach when you're running!

  • No doubt 10k are awesome for beginners and experienced runners. I have done my share of 10k in the last few years, and yes hydration is a major factor for this event. I personally would like to add that stretching is as important to avoid any injuries. I would highly recommend 20min of stretching everyday 2wks prior to the race.

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