Why not disqualify walkers?



  • she can lie down if it tickles her fancy. After all who would argue with a lady?
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  • superchip wrote (see)

    Finally i have found something for my new invention, i created it last year and haven't yet found a use for it, until now, i'm gonna be a millionare for sure, what i've done is fitted a pressure pad to the soles of each trainer, each linked via infra-red, if at any point the two pressure pads become activated at the same time ( ie walking) then a 10,000volt electrical charge will be sent up both legs, usually ( proved through rigorous testing) this results in instant death, obviously this would only became active once the trainers have crossed the start line else it would be a sorry state in the changing rooms,(especially with all than water about),

     also i forgot to mention the two 30kg batterys you have to carry around with you or the 5 mile, 10k, 13.1 mile, etc etc extension lead.

    any dragons out there that want a piece of the action. 

    ( now looking for more trainer testers, will pay all travel expenses, one way only.)  

    Great idea!  You could provide power like they do to trains: cable atached to a wheeled thingy on a live rail or cable overhead.

    I think if you are going to ban walking though it has to be all walking.  No slowing for water stops, and if Paula wants to take a crap on her next race... ZAP!

  • The world record for distance covered in 24 hrs is 188miles 103yds.



    I wonder if he walked?????                     

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