Barcelona Triathlon

Has anybody done this? Thinking about if for this year but haven't taken my bike on a plane before so have a couple of questions if anybody can kindly help;

Getting the bike on the plane - Having looked on some of the bike forums via Google box seems the preferred option over bag with maybe renting from LBS. Is that the most cost effective safe option? And how much extra does the airline charge you typically?

Parking bike at hotel - Whats the quickest way to identify a hotel that has somewhere safe to lock your bike up? Is it a matter of simply finding a hotel close by to the start and then ringing to see if they have the facilities? Don't suppose they let you keep them in your room!

 Any help greatly appreciated image



  • I go with bag cos its a lot lighter. As to cost - could be free or it may cost you - it depends on the airline/ticket/check in person.

    I usually keep my bike in the room.
  • NTL if you are referring to the Challenge Barcelona tri (Iron-length)- its the first year this year.

    Boxes- hard cases are more expensive than bags, not all LBSs have boxes for rent (my local one charges around £40 for the week).  If you're only flying once then cheaper to rent.  Some airlines do  not charge for bike boxes (e.g. BA), some of the cheaper ones will do, you may also get stung for a handling charge by the airport.

    Most IM type photos I've seen do feature bikes in hotel rooms.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    "Some airlines do not charge for bike boxes (e.g. BA)"

    they do now FF - rules changed last November

    boxes are sturdier but generally you can't get as much in as bags so it really depends on where you go and how much you want to take.

    I have both options as a box is fine for a road bike but useless for a MTB as it's too small. We're taking the road bikes to Thailand in December and using bags though as it's a point to point tour (Bangkok to Phuket) so the support vehicle prefers bags as they pack flat for transport.

    the cheapest option is to get a cardboard box from the LBS as all bikes come in them so they only get thrown normally. I've used that method and provided the box is good quality it's not a problem
  • No FF, not the Challange Barcelona Tri, may be tempted one day but a 112 mile cycle is way too scary right now so sticking to Oly's image It's this one I'm looking at:

    Interesting re keeping the bike in the room, wasn't expecting that, makes one part of the trip a lot easier.

    Thanks guys image

  • FB,

    I think BA have backed down on the extra charge?  I certainly I couldn't find a tick box for bike box when booking flights to ZUE and their website still seems to imply that a box can go free (linky)

    Edit: Having just read the small print it seems they could charge....

    We will accept all single bicycle bags as illustrated, but these may be subject to additional fees.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    "these may be subject to additional fees"

    that's a bit of a get out clause isn't it?

    I guess it will depend on the flight and loading I guess - at least they don't seem to say they will refuse to take it if the flight is already carrying a load of bikes before you get to check in as some airlines threaten.

    best for anyone to get to check in early to make sure it does get on the flight

    and people wonder why I drive to most events in Europe......
  • I have to admit FB I prefer to drive wherever possible. With flying I always have nightmares that my bike will be lost in transit somewhere! And in a van you've got loads of room for all the other bits and bobs.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    ah - but it's also practical for us as well as the vehicle (a motorhome) is also our home when we get there.....image
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