Why do you enjoy running?

A lot of people who know me also know I do a bit of running. But the most frequent question I get is "why do you enjoy running?". I don`t know why but I thought I will ask the question to all of you too.

My response to anyone who asks this question is it keeps me fit and healthy, makes me better at work, makes me good looking and gives me a better sex life. That normally shuts the ones who ask me.

So what is your answer to this question.



  • The pain? the injuries? the blisters? the sting from the sweat in the eyes?

    I have no idea, I must be a masochist image

  • I don't run. I'm just here for shits and giggles.

  • I don't. I enjoy eating pies and cake
  • Ah, talking of pies. I must stick the Steak and Kidney in the oven.
  • Ah yes, Kwilter, I knew I ran for a reason, pies and cakes image
  • And biscuits, don't forget the biscuits!
  • Makes me less angry. They normally go away after that.
  • mmmm choccie digestives

  • What about chocolate. Which reminds me must put the chocolate pudding in the own too.
  • Damm it Shimmy. How you get the choccie digestives before my chocolate.
  • Ah you see I combined the two with choccie digestives image

    Edit oops cross post with RM

  • When I run I feel like I have a purpose, like I'm doing something worthwhile to fill gaps in my life. The process of pushing myself and doing something constructive makes me feel good.

    I enjoy learning about the whole concept of running, having said that I do feel I have an addictive nature, when I enjoy doing something I tend to go 110% at it and need to know everything. So far thats been a good thing which has also benefitted my training partner as she has enjoyed being left to run while I plot the workouts, read the training plans, pass on the tips etc etc. Everyone wins.

  • So you dont run to eat pies then image
  • i run for the feeling it gives me inside, that feeling of serenity and the time it gives me to relax and to clear my mind and to think. That and the fact that if i run more I can eat more of the things i like and not salads. like cake and chocolate, or chocolate cake.
  • MD6 - you ruined my dinner because I now fancy salad.
  • I run because I can feel the wind on my face, hear the song of the birds, or stride through the peaceful quiet of a wood at dawn. 

    I swim because I can glide through the water free of the weight of my body and free of troubles and problems, finding a peace in the rhythm and flow of exertion.

    I do triathlon because I have a credit card.

  • I've recently started running because I've given up smoking. I find running reminds me why I've stopped  smoking. I also get a sense of acheveiment out of it.

    I've also found running really helps to combat stress, and clears my mind.

  • I swim because I like it and I'm quite good. Swimming is lovely. I do triathlon because I'm a warrior and I like going to get ice cream from the ice cream man in hot pants.

    Where is RSR her facebook picture is wonder women. If running make you feel like wonder women, you better run then! 

  • Shimmy shimmy wrote (see)
    So you dont run to eat pies then image

    PMSL at that image

    bos1 wrote (see)

    I do triathlon because I have a credit card.

    and that image

  • RM, dig into your steak and kidney pie man
  • Running helped me to overcome an eating disorder and it prevents me from going back down the slippery slope.

    I thoroughly enjoy it and have made some great friends at the club i run at. I find it difficult to explain why i love running to people who don't run as they never seem to understand!!

    I also used to suffer from bouts of insomnia, running has combated that!!!

  • I love running cos it makes me feel fit as a fiddle.

    The harder i push myself the more of a buzz i get from it. I love it when i've done a really good run an i can say to myself "ya did good"! I feel good at the sense of achievement from it all x

  • I run because it gives me sense of acheivement, helps to clear all the daytime work crap from my head, gets me out in the open air and reminds t hat I am stronger than I know I am.  Also, it means I can eat biscuits, chocolate and cake and drink beerimage
  • I started running regularly when I gave up smoking (just over a year ago!). I got a weird reaction to the lack of nicotene so I had endless energy, didn't sleep and was generally high as a kite for three weeks solid. I needed to do something to tire me out, people at work thought I'd started on the serious drugs! Actually the whole period was amazing...almost worth taking up smoking again just to be able to stop and have that again. Almost...but not quite!

    These days I run for many reasons. It deals with stress and allows me to have all those imaginary arguments with people who have annoyed me. More importantly though, I get to eat all the pizza I want and feel ever so slightly smugly smug with myself at the same time!!
  • runnerman wrote (see)

    ...the most frequent question I get is "why do you enjoy running?". I don`t know why but I thought I will ask the question to all of you too.

    To be honest, since returning from an injury I've hated every step of my runs and didn't enjoy them one bit, with the only exception being The Blaydon Race a few weeks ago.

    When I was enjoying running, it was because it kept me fit for work, maintained my weight and more importantly simply made me happy!
    (i'm sure i'll get the feeling back soon!!)
  • I run because it feels free and fantastic,especially when you hit a rhythm. It also seems to "clear out" stress and tension from my body and head. It`s a great feeling to start a working day with the knowledge of a run behind you.

  • I run because:

    1) the combination of a demanding job and two young kids means my runs are the only "me" time I have.

    2) It clears my head of all the crap (even if only for a short while), creates "headspace" and helps me cope better with stress

    3) it's the only way I know of keeping my belly within acceptable limits

     I love running because there's not many better feelings than the occasional mid run high when you feel like you're floating along (especially if I'm out in the countryside), or the post-run high after a long slow run, say on a Sunday morning

  • I run because my head is full of fluff and running helps blow some of it into a more manageable ball which I can then remove at my convenience.

    I also love that sheen of sweat you get when you go for a proper run. It's not the drippy sweat you get from gym work or something, it's just all over perspiration. It's kind of minging, but it's still nice. image

    It's also the best stress buster EVER. I just finished my A level exams, and going for the grades I'm going for, I was really feeling the pressure. Going for a run after revising for 6 hours straight helped me sleep at night, as my brain managed to sort itself out during that 30mins/60mins/90mins whatever. image
  • I run to keep myself in cheese! PLus I started aged 11 and don't really know what to do with myslef if not running. I generally enjoy it once I've forced myslef out the door, but you wouldn't believe it the amount I moan beforehand.
  • It's the only form of exercise I truly love doing. Keeps me fit, keeps my head together, gets me outdoors and to discover new paths, and I love my muscles now after so many years of being fat!!

     When I have a week of running I feel lazy and sluggish and very irritated.

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