10 days to go...

before the Nike 10K, feeling a lot happier about doing it after completing 8K last night even tho I am now in various amounts of pain. However I'm not sure how to proceed now with the training. I've read you shouldn't run for a couple of days before the race, which is fine by me. However what do I do from here until then? Should I try and get a 10K in just for practice?
or if I just do 5K every other day until next Friday will that be enough?


  • Sorry, Gemini, I don't have an answer but am hoping for someone to come up with one as I'm also doing the Nike 10K and I don't know what to do either. I'm attempting to do it in the 45min - 1:15 group - you? I don't 'spose we'll get to meet in amongst that crowd, but you never know! I'll be wearing a pale blue basecall cap with "Life is Good" on the front!

    Good luck!

    Happy Shambling.
  • I'm in the beginners group, it sounds like you are in the intermediate group but am hoping to make it round in sub-70 but What I really want to achieve is 60.
    I'll be the tall red head going round introducing herself to random strangers hoping to find someone to run with as all my mates have been wusses and dropped out. :)
  • Good luck all!
  • I am also running the Nike 10K and I am soooo looking forward to it.

    Coincidentally there is a section on this site for a two week 10K scheudle you can use until the big day. It is to the right of this thread. Seems o.k to me. Might have to try it myself.

    Good luck and I will be looking out for a tall red head.

    I am a 5ft 5 black female who will be wearing a yellow bandana to go with the "lovely"?? yellow Nike tops they have provided us with. So say hi to me if you see me.


  • Sammy - youdoing any of the training runs?
  • Gemini, Shambler and Sammy - good luck to you all!
  • Thanks, MeerKat. I'm all sort of nervous and excited - and I'll take all the good luck I can get!

    Happy Shambling!
  • Hi, all,

    Im running the 10k on the 22nd but have no running partner and no fans (as my son has a party on that day so the rest of the family are at home)

    i joined in the intermediate group hoping to get round in 60 mins, but tried the pace out at the gym and was knackered after about 3 mins....but perhaps with all the crowds on the day it might be ok

    Im travelling from Epping on the day, so if anyones coming from that direction perhaps we could meet up..

  • Hi, Jeanette! I'd love to run with someone. I have no idea how we might be able to meet up but, as described previously, I'll be wearing a pale blue baseball cap with "Life is Good" on the front. I'd also like to get round in about an hour - maybe together we can do it!! I'll have a look at the map Nike gave us with our delightful(!) yellow t-shirts, and maybe we can find somewhere to meet?? Can't be that difficult in amongst 20,000 others!

    Happy Shambling!

  • ohh me to, I'd be up for meeting and running together.
  • OK - the more the merrier! Let's all check out the map and see what we can come up with.

    Happy Shambling!
  • I think you're all brilliant - I'm not up to 10K yet but may dip a paw in the water with a 5K before Christmas. I'll be thinking of you on the day. Jeanette - do you live around Epping?? I'm in NE London, and wondering about joining Epping Running Club when I'm up to 30 mins non-stop running.
  • Thanks again, Meerkat!

    Honestly, I'm no great shakes - why do you think I call myself Shambler and my "running" shambling?!

    Just stick with it. I've been an off/on shambler for about 3 years and this is my first event. When I started it was all I could do to walk briskly for 30 seconds! Now, on a good day my long weekend shamble can be up to 2½ hours, I don't go very far because I don't go very fast - but I love it!

    Happy Shambling!
  • hi, ive yet to pick my pack and shirt up but when I do....It would be very reassuring to have someone to run with. I wasnt going to bother but read someones post about running a 10k and being last and was shamed into it.

    Ill have to find a hat or something..

    Meerkat, I live in Sawbridgeworth but Epping tube is quite near and the only way I could get into Richmond in time to get to the race,..

    hope we can get a place sussed out.

  • Yes Gemini, I have been attending the Regents Park training runs. I went to one yesterday and will be running the 8k one tomorrow. What training runs to you attend?

  • ohh well if you are doing the one in Regents Park tomorrow I might be perduaded to join you!! I fancy a change is scenery. at the moment my 8K time is 50 mins - how aboutyou? unless you want to come down Clapham way
  • Gemini, Jeanette and anyone else doing the Nike 10k on September 22 - Oops! I forgot to look at my map thingy. I'll do it over the weekend, it would be so nice to do this with company!

    If I don't post again today, hope you all have fab weenends - get out there for a nice long one if you can - and I'll be in touch on Monday.

    Happy Shambling!
  • Gemini, didn't get your message until today. Unfortunatley it was the last Nike training session today. I really enjoyed them so brought the Nike team a few boxes of chocolates to say thank you (corny I know ha, ha).

    Seriously they have helped me a lot. Today I completed the 8k in 44mins. I am feeling much stronger than I did a few weeks ago and am determined to run the 10k in under 60 mins.

    They do however have a special training 5K run on Thursday 19th at Nike Town (Oxford Street) with the well known runner Sonia O'Sullivan which will be a good run - see if you can make that one.

  • Suck up ;)

    Went to the Clapham one in the end was going to do the 5K one as it was Friday and I was feeling lazy but when I found out it was the last training run I ended up doing the 8K. Gutted they are not doing them next week as I will have to use my own motivation!
    Cant go to the one on thrusday as it is the first night of my evening class - can't cut the first one!!

    Good luck everyone on the run next Sunday.
  • Calling all Nike 10k runners this Sunday September 22nd.

    Please check the "Nike 10k" thread in the "Events" forum.

    The number on my shirt is 09340 and I'll be wearing a pale blue baseball cap with Life is Good o the front, and I've had a look at the map and there's not really much of a landmark, so how about anyone who'd interested in going round together to meet on the road by Adam's pond which seems to be near Sheen Gate?

    If anyone out there knows the park and knows of a better place to meet - please let us know!

    Good Luck everyone.

    Happy Shambling!

    P.S. Don't forget the "Nike 10k" thread in the "Events" forum.

  • HI, Shambler, I had a look at the map and thought that Adams Pond looked the best option..

    It would be good to get a group together even if we only start out together.

    Hopefully see you on Sunday

  • Just wanted to say good luck to you guys for Sunday...hope you all have a great run and a great time...I'm looking forward to hearing how you all did!
  • Why didnt I pick a more exciting nickname!Guess I am new to both this running thing and tehse computy things!

    Anyway I am doing the Nike 10K and hoping to finish! So I will look out for blue baseball caps - tall redheads and othe assorted beings.

    NB does anyone know of any running clubs in the Wanstead area? I noted the Epping one but guess there must be a closer option - preferable suitable for another shambler!

    Have fun Sunday!

  • arrghhh I still havent got my number... have to go and queue tonight with several thousand other ppl.
  • ok just done my last training run 6K about 40 mins, not to bad.

    Number 20233. tall red head with glasses. :)
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