Kayano 15s

Splashed out on a nice pair of shiny Kayano 15s last week, but after 2 x 40 mins of light jogging I"m getting a lot of new blisters and a bit of Achilles pain, which is a bit disappointing considering their price.

I'm a pretty bad over-pronator - the guy in the shop seemed to think these shoes did the best job of keeping my feet straight, and not the normal duck-like bend they seem to normally have. Now I'm not sure whether to push through, or take them back for a swap.

Anybody else have any experiences, good or bad?


  • a lot of people have blister problems with asics.  i definitely have and swore off them for years but am back in a pair of 2140s now - these blistered initially but alternating them with another pair of trainers helped me to break them without too much pain.  i'd say stick at it.  are these the first shoe you've had that has a high level of support in them?  theachilles pain may just be you adjusting to them.  just try alternating with your previous shoes for a couple of weeks and see how you get on.  occasionally a shop will take shoes back and replace if they are causing blisters.
  • I've been in them for years and years and get no problem with them. I've even run marathons in new pairs without any hassle.

    As JB says, could be your feet getting used to them if you've never worn the brand / style before.
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