Sharp pain in shoulders!

A week and a half ago I decided after my morning run to do a few bicep & tricep curls plus a few shoulder lifts with some light free weight I have (3-5lbs). I only did a couple of sets of 15 reps, and was in no pain at all. In fact I was in no pain for days but I now have horrendous pains in my shoulders, it almost feels as though someone's driven pins right through the shoulder joint. It's worst first thing in the morning and sometimes wakes me up it's so bad. They are sore to move and no amount of stretching or manipulation eases them. What on earth have I done?! And what can I do to make it better? Should I never lift weights??

Yours, a very miserable Danni :-(


  • If it was a few days after doing the weights, it seems highly unlikely that it was the weights. Do you sleep using two pillows? if so, use a very flat one (one not too bouncy and new). Using two big pillows can mean that the weight of your shoulders is supported only by the neck muscles and not by the bed / pillow. That way you can easy pull muscles. I would advise going to see a physiotherapist to get it sorted.
  • Thank you Roz - Im going to try sleeping with a flattish pillow tonight and see how I get on. Im also looking into physios. Ill let you know!
  • Well, the pain in my shoulders is still here and seems to be getting worse. Im in agony and the pain sometimes shoots down my arms and the tips of my fingers keep going a bit numb. Ive tried ibuprofen and paracetamol & codeine which dont seem to help. Im also using tiger balm which I think eases it a little although it could just be that the tingly sensation is distracting me! Ive booked an appointment at the docs next week for some initial advice.


  • sounds like a trapped nerve...
  • In BOTH shoulders??
  • could be, if the trapped nerve is in the neck.
  • Danni, you poor thing! My physio friend goes on about 'impingement' in the shoulders. Apparently, nerves and blood vessels go through a narrow gap near the shoulder joint. The gap is widest when the arm is relaxed and by your side AND when higher than your shoulder. It is narrowest when your arm is out to the side at the level of your shoulder. If the pain gets worse as you lift your arm to the side and then gets better again, it means it is nipping nerves etc. Hurry and see a physio!
  • Yes! It's fine if my arms are straight down by my side or up over my head but any other movent can be agony! Will see doc next week and ask for a referral to a physio. Thanks guys! :-)
  • Update:
    Went to the docs who sent me off for a blood test for athritis (eek!) and to see what my thyroid is doing. She suggested it probably isnt eithor of these things and that she'll propably just be sending me to a pysio.

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