Do other people get ignored by fellow runners or is it just me?

I'm beginning to think  that I must be invisible. I always try to smile and say hello when I see other people out running, but more often than not I get completely ignored. Is it just me?!


  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    No its not just you Fripps, happens to me too but I still make sure I try to say hello in case I get a friendly runner image
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Who said that?

    <turns round and walks away>

  • I'll always give a deft nod as I rocket past image
  • I always say hello to runners, cyclists, walkers etc and if I'm on a long run and I'm a bit bored I give a cheery wave too. If I get an equally cheery wave back it perks me up for the next few miles!
  • If you aren't getting much response from fellow runners to your smile and heloo why not try the "skimpy running knickers" Vickie Probyn is asking about on another thread - you might be pleasantly surprised.

  • If nothing else wearing "skimpy running knickers" would probably get a big response from white van man.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Ouch and a half.  I saw a runner in GNR with a thong and thought it looked painful!  Guess white van man might approve!    

  • Didnt hurt that much Cinders.

    Just have to remember to put it on the right way round next time.

  • In my area, everyone greets you while you are running! The tennis club out for their early morning run, people walking to work and cars!!

    Is great! image
  • PloddingOn wrote (see)
    In my area, everyone greets you while you are running! The tennis club out for their early morning run, people walking to work and cars!! Is great! image

    Me too, I live in a very rural area, and as such, there are always lots of people out walking, cycling and a handfull of runners, in the spring and summer, not so much in the winter.

    I would say 95% of the people always say "morning", "hello", "I bet that keeps you fit!!" etc etc, or give a big smile and a wave.

    As said before,  it can give you a bit of a boost if you are waning.

    Maybe its a geographical thing?

  • I moved to the countryside recently and have only passed one other runner, who ignored me, so a 100% ignore rate so far, but where I ran in London, about 90% of runners would smile, nod, wave or say hello.
  • I`m with Lou - I always say hello, wave or nod.

    I live in Sheffield and nearly always get a nice response. Even had `hellos` and smiles from cyclists and people in cars recently, especially on a nice Sunday morning.
  • I always find most people running in the London parks ignore me when im out. I try to get their attention and smile anyhow! When im out, where i live in essex, I find other runners alot friendlier...
  • I live in Essex and most of the runners smile or say hello when I run near home, but I work in London and when I run near work i take it as a personal mission to get anyone to give an acknowledgement - I think my smiles and hellos get wider and louder as the run goes on in the hope of getting something back!! Last time I actually counted 13 runners and not one acknowledgement. I am one step away from stopping in their tracks til they give me a smile image
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    I'm going to put a bell and some tinsle on my babyjogger, that's sure to make someone smile and maybe say hello image
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Live out in the country but work in London (city).
    At home I probably get a 90% acknowledgement rate from other runners, but along the Thames path/Embankment its probably about 10%. I've noticed that ipod runners (that old chestnut) almost exclusively are unresponsive. Or maybe its my skimpy running knickers...

  • Seems like a common theme here - it would seem runners in London are just unfriendly! image Boo unfriendly London runners! Give us a wave!

  • I think the problem is that in Essex, you kind of greet people as such:

    *pant pant*

    *10mins pass*


    *15 mins pass*


    In London, it's more like:


    *pant pant* (from greeting people - not from running)
  • I live in Bath, and probably get a 50% acknowledgment ratio, usually a smile or a nod. However the other day I found myself running behind an attractive woman for quite some distance and everyone that passed gave her a big smile or a nod or an elongated stare, and then when I passed my acknowledgment ratio immediately went down to 0%
  • I used to live in London and was so used to runners never greeting each other I didn't even notice.  I've moved an hour outside of London and runners nearly always nod/smile or greet.  I felt positively dejected when I was running in London a few weeks ago.  Back to 100% ignore rate. 

    Saying that though, it seems to be central london that is the most unfriendly, as I used to run around Wanstead flats too and I had about a 50% acknowledge rate there.  So bah! to central london runners!  I suppose if you are running along the Embankment at lunch time you don't want to be saying hi every few seconds.  So that is understandable but if you're the only two runners for miles then whats not to like?

  • TwoTinNicTwoTinNic ✭✭✭

    They are a bunch of miserable buggers in Aberdeen especially along the beach where i tend to run.  Not one single runner has ever acknowledged my attempts to smile or say hello, they dont even look in your direction!  Its quite rude! 

    Is it maybe because im wearing sunglasses?  Thats what ive put it down to

  • MIserable bugggers that ignore you in Bedford. Marginally less miserable and get the occasional acknowledgement in Birmingham.
  • My family live in Liverpool and whenever I run there I don't even see any other runners!! In fact I just get abuse hurled at me for being a 'weirdo', so could be worse!! image
  • I usually give a smile and a hello when I go hill walking.  One time however I was out on the Pennine Way and some sort of organised event was coming the other way.

     After the first half hour of smiling and saying hello every 10 to 15 seconds, I thought "OK that's your lot" and stopped.  I overheard the very first person I ignored call me a "miserable git"!

  • How much funnier would this thread have been if NOBODY had posted on it? image
  • I think no one actually said "hello" though
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Hello  image
  • Howdy image
  • I run in Brighton. I always try and catch people's eye, but they're normally looking away from me so I rarely get a hello. And I don't think anyone has ever said hello first either. But then I think I either run in weird place or weird times cos I rarely see a fellow runner.

    Used to run in Richmond PArk on a Sunday morning and nearly everyone said hello.

  • I read that as "noramlly running AWAY from me" image
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