Tour of Torfaen 2009

Hi All,

All set for this year's half marathon?  I'm asking for volunteers this year to help with marshalling the route.  If there is anyone who would like to help out please let me know.  As usual, my tel no is 01633 628936 or email

 We would be really pleased if athletes with a disability were also able to take part.  We haven't had anyone for the last two years as they've gone to Dublin instead. 

Online registration is now active. 

Many thanks for supporting the Trust.




  • Weyhey !
  • Hi Christine,

    Posted my entry form off yesterday. on the info leaflet it says its part of the "Celtic manor 5 race welsh grand prix" or something along those lines. What are the other 4 races then?

     Really enjoyed last years race, thanks for all the hard worl.

  • The other four are

    • 10 May - Soarbrook 10 mile
    • 15 July - Scenic Drive 7 mile (evening race)
    • 2 August - Brecon 10 mile
    • 21 November - Elan Valley 10 mile


  • Online Entry via RW is here.
  • Hi Christine,

    Where can we obtain details on the other four?  I've done Soarbrook in the past, but never heard of the others image

  • You need to get in touch with the AAW - they've got all the information. 



  • Hi All,

    I'm writing to ask if any of you are travelling up on the bus?  I've had a few people let me know, but not as many as usual.  Because you're paying your fee online, you need to let me know either by email or telephone if you need transport.  If you do my email address is and tel no 01633 628936.

    All going well with the organisation - t-shirts are being sponsored by Keir Western and we have a goody bag and medal for everyone.  We've also got 'Lights Out' playing at the Stadium - a really good cover band - give you a bit of encouragement to finish the race!

    As always, many thanks for supporting the Trust.  Let me know about the transport.



  • Hi Christine,

    Quick request: Would it be possible to have the goodie bags separated by T-Shirt size this year? Last year was a bit of a free-for-all with people rummaging in the same box for T-shirts of varying sizes.

    Thanks image

  • Yes, we've taken that on board and goodie bags will be separated.  Good news too - only small and medium ones!  Hopefully it will not be pouring down this year as all the bits and pieces eg bags, water, bananas will be inside an inflatable football pitch situated on the green (middle bit of the track).

    Keep praying for fine weather - my knees are flat already!!! 

    Me  image

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Pity I hardly ever get to do this one even though I live in Cwmbran.  I always do the Snowdonia marathon which is usually the day before, and therefore I'm not really up to this fast half the next day.  Might not be the case in 2010, though -  Snowdonia is on 30 Oct.  So fingers crossed.

    If it's the same event, the Sorbrook I know is a 10K organised by Griffithstown Harriers.  A good, fast event on a challenging course.  The Cwmcarn Scenic 7 is one of my favourite events on a Wed night in July run by Islwyn Running Club.  One lap of the tarmac scenic drive.  I usually run to the start over the "mountain".  Again very hilly but running through the woods on a traffic-free route on a balmy summer evening - who's not to like?  Brecon 10 I have done twice - another hilly event!  Don't know who organises it but I expect a quick search and you'd soon find out.  Never heard of Elan 10.

  • Hi All,

    Just thought I'd put fingers to keys and wish you all a successful run.  We've got a lot more registering on the day, so be prepared. 

    Apparently the weather looks good this time - here's hoping!

    Many thanks for supporting the Trust.



  • Just wanted to say thanks for another great race this year. Organisation was excellent. Marshalls and police really positive and a lovely finish in the stadium. Live band and T-shirts separated by size were great additions this year (hearing eye-of-the-tiger from a mile away was a great boost! image ).

    Any chance you could post the results when you have a moment please?

    Thanks again

  • To everyone who took part - many thanks.  I'll be typing up the race results today and tomorrow.  I'm having the rest of the week off and next week I'll put them on various websites.

    Please let me know if you would like them emailed to you - but do this next week please!

    Thank you once again for supporting the Trust.

    Chris  image 

  • Thank you for a really well organised enjoyable race. The police and marshalls were excellent and very encouraging.  I will be back next year!
  • I echo what has already been said. It was very well organised and the marshalls/police where full of enthusiasm ( even in the rain), the goody bag was good and the bannana went down a treat. Shame the stadium track was so slippery but that wa due to the rain, roll on next year Well done Organisers!

  • Results are here
  • Nice one...I came 24th image
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