Is Michael Jackson - dead!!!!

Just watching sky news. Michael Jackson suffers heart attack and is in a bad state.  Thank god I didn`t get a ticket for his comeback. might be in for a long wait. The guy should take up running. Lets hope he recovers because I can`t wait for his next single. 


  • ivew just heard this on 6 music.

    Remember where you were......

    (now if only THAT had been your 100th post runnerman!)

  • If only. Why is it I miss out on the big moments. If it comes to the worse, then at least Heart FM will play Jackson`s greatest hits all bloody day tommorrow. Oh the joy of it. At least it won`t be Take That.

  • "If Only" - I second that !

  • Any news on Elvis while we are here ?
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    How   convenient.
  • Just watched it on Sky News... They say he's passed away...Blimey... imageimage
  • I bet he tries to blame it on the Boogie
  • Is it Bad...??!!  (sorry that was terrible!)
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Ha ha!
  • Reuters just confirmed he's dead. 
  • Sky News have confirmed he died of a heart attack.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    I'm sorry- I thought this was a joke thread.  I don't really care either way, but three children losing their father is really sad news.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

     edit posted twice

  • oy oy oy
  • Although BBC are not confirming it. Typical, pay your licence fee and this what you get!!!

    In serious, if he had passed away. At least be grateful he did create some great music. But I`m fearing Heart FM will by be in mourning and play their music all day. Again better than Take That.

  • yikes, was just talking about him yesterday bizarrely. Well, probably not that bizarre since someone must have mentioned his tour. But still..

    Shame that. Didn't realise he had 3 kids, thought it was just those two with the masks...

    Thriller was always a cracking tune...

  • Short the shares of whoever insured his concerts !
  • Farrah Fawcett is also gone
  • beebs wrote (see)
    Farrah Fawcett is also gone.

    At least she was a angel. God bless her.

  • I read that about Farah Fawcett earlier,  she didnt get time to marry Ryan ...
  • Blimey - thought it was probably a publicity stnt when I first heard.
  • Ithought they were, Melds, based on Yahhoo
  • Sad about Farrah. She deserved to get her last wish to marry Ryan.

    Oddly enough I'd been discussing Michael J concerts tonight and how I didn't think they'd ever go ahead ,,,,,, shame for his kids if it is true, 

  • someone should have done CPR

    #easy as ABC#

  • They did Bear, was too late i think....ooh just got the sick joke bit of that! tut tut tut image

    Shame about Farrah F. too image
  • Typical news channels. Sky are reporting he`s dead. BBC got Uri Geller on that he`s in a coma. I bet you the BBC will now get Paul Daniels and Jimmy Saville on next.

    Note to everyone: All Heart FM stations are now in a period of mourning. I understand they want all fans to wear black armbands and white gloves to work as a mark of respect.

  • sounds like no one knows what is going on at the moment

    it's di all over again image
  • Oh God I just couldn't stand a day of Heart FM in mourning.  It's hard enough with their usual play list!! How am I ever going to motivate myself to drive to the train station for work in the morning now??!! 
  • I know he went a bit mental and weird, but feel a bit sad. He had a great musical career, prior to the weirdness. image
  • i feel sorry for him (assuming the kiddy stuff wasn't true), that was/is one mixed up and unhappy person. very sad me thinks
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